About RFP365

We've been there


Designed and developed by RFP Issuers & Responders, we understand firsthand how tedious and redundant the traditional RFP process is. Our frustration made us believe there had to be a better way; a way to share data, not documents. 

But we couldn't find the streamlined platform we needed...so we decided to build it. 

The result is RFP365, a dynamic software application that makes the entire RFP (Request for Proposal) process, "almost fun," as one customer put it. 

Fast Facts

Our mission is to take care of your RFP process and get you back to core business. 



Meet the team

Stuart Ludlow RFP365.jpg

Stuart Ludlow

Technical Lead / Co-Founder

Stuart is the technical co-founder of RFP365. As the technical lead, he is responsible for the product lifecycle loop from software development through customer feedback. Stuart has a rich history of responding to RFPs, primarily as a solution designer in the Advertising space. 

His family and four pets keep him occupied outside of work.

David Hulsen RFP365.jpg

David Hulsen

Operational Lead / Co-Founder

David is another co-founder and business director of RFP365. He is responsible for sales and marketing, client services, and financial operations. David has a history of both issuing and responding to RFPs as a consultant in the technology space. 

Outside of work, his wife, yardwork, and motorcycle keep him busy.

Anna Spady RFP365.jpg

Anna Spady

Marketing Manager

Anna rules the Marketing kingdom of RFP365. She manages client engagement, and works with Sales to attract new users. She is the primary wordsmith and social chair. Her passion is finding amazing things, distilling them down, and telling the world their stories. 

Anna enjoys being a foodie and kayaking with her dog Tonks (see the adventure chronicles on her blog).

Patrick Fields RFP365.jpg

Patrick Fields

Business Development Manager

Patrick specializes in strategic business development for RFP365. He is in-tune with the unique challenges that organizations face every day and is dedicated to finding innovative solutions. He brings a dynamic skill set from experiences in public relations and sales.

He is a proud alum of Marquette University and enjoys reading, a good movie, playing golf and traveling with his wife.

Bryce Gilman RFP365.jpg

Bryce Gilman

Business Development Manager

Bryce brings his expertise from his Business Development and Marketing background to RFP365. He brings 12 years of experience in executing strategic initiatives, a strong understanding of business objectives, solution strategy planning, and implementation.

This Kansas University Alumnus enjoys going on adventures with his dog, Tucker. He considers himself a decent cook and enjoys a patio drink on a nice day.

Jim Rayhawk RFP365.jpg

Jim Rayhawk

Software Developer/ Architect

Jim is an enterprise Java developer with over 15 years experience.  He has a wide range of skills and helps out with everything from technical architecture to development to infrastructure.  Jim has been involved in both major aspects of software development, working on large scale consulting projects as well as a lead architect for a software company.

Jim enjoys hacking his way around a golf course, going on long runs, and most of all playing with his two kids.

Kyle Shore RFP365.jpg

Kyle Shore

Senior Developer

Kyle is a full stack polyglot expert, able do all things brilliant and tech-related. He specializes in application development. He also keeps the team entertained with his elaborate Disney movie conspiracy theories, and instigates passionate debates on whether Frozen or Tangled is the higher-caliber film.

Kyle spends his weekends playing and building games. Get his (free) creation Squid Riders, for Apple, or for Android.

James Webster RFP365.jpg

James Webster

Systems & Technology Specialist

James is the renaissance man. If it's virtually possible, he can build it. James serves as our senior technical resource, doing both front & back end development, coding, and building infrastructure. He's our ultimate troubleshooter, and is responsible for application scale.

He enjoys playing video games, and chasing after his 5 children. James is also our "Pun King", for which he often spends time in our punitentiary.