About RFP365

Just say the word RFP and you'll immediately hear horror stories. While technology has optimized nearly every facet of business, the Request for Proposal process has remained historically frustrating and inconsistent...for both Buyers and their Vendors. 

We experienced all the inefficiencies first hand and saw the need for a simple, yet powerful solution; something that would allow Buyers to truly partner with their Vendors. So we built RFP365.

Today, our total collaboration platform helps:

  • Organizations of all sizes and industries streamline competitive buying events
  • Vendors reuse past work and respond to RFPs faster
  • Buyers conduct RFPs more efficiently, so contracts can be rebid more often
  • Stakeholders make key, data-driven purchasing decisions
  • Procurement teams strengthen relationships with their Vendor Communities
  • Help Benefits Brokers & consultants make more informed recommendations

Our mission is to transform e-procurement and help build positive Vendor Communities. 

When teams use RFP365, they're empowered to share data, not documents. We ensure each stakeholder has a voice and every sourcing decision is based on facts.

About the RFP Process

I would hope to have an RFP by these guys [RFP365], because it's just too complicated a process — I feel that way from the government standpoint … [the process] needs to be faster. [Kansas City Business Journal]


Penny Pritzker

US Department of Commerce

38th US Secretary of Commerce

RFP365 has been implemented over a  range of industries, and is: 

  • The only end-to-end RFP software on the market that streamlines the RFP process for both Buyers and Vendors

  • Is making RFPs easier for over 7,000 users and 500 organizations across 4 continents

  • Being used to identify more than 1,400 vendors

  • The exclusive municipal RFP vendor management system for one of the top 10 cities in the Midwest

Our RFP platform helps everyone from 5 member small business teams to billion-dollar enterprises.


As our local economy continues to rebound from the recent recession, we are keenly aware of impact that efficient procurement practices will have on agency's budget position moving forward...it is exciting to know that resources such as RFP365 are present in the marketplace as they provide a platform for procurement optimization that both buyers and sellers benefit.

Jason_Banks_Mayor Mark Holland's Office.png

Jason Banks

Mayor Mark Holland's Office, Unified Government of WyCo / KCK

Business Access Director

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RFP365 in the news

We’re saving a ton of time on each RFP and security questionnaire. Because we can build on work we’ve already done. Projects that used to take 100 hours, now take less than 20.


Lynne Jennings


Corporate Solutions Engineer

Leadership Team


Stuart Ludlow

Technical Lead / Co-Founder

Stuart is the technical co-founder of RFP365. As the technical lead, he is responsible for the product lifecycle loop from software development through customer feedback.  

Stuart is highly active in the community, mentoring and speaking on business, high-tech, and entrepreneurship. (See some of his advice here).

His family and four pets keep him occupied outside of work.


David Hulsen

Operational Lead / Co-Founder

David is a co-founder and business director of RFP365. He is responsible for sales and marketing, client services, and financial operations. David has a history of issuing and responding to RFPs as a technology consultant. 

David is passionate about using technology to bridge the digital divide, both across poverty lines and through corporate inefficiencies. (Read his RFP insights here).

Outside of work, his wife, yardwork, and motorcycle keep him busy.


Bob Green

Investor and Director

Bob is an RFP365 board member, investor, and advisor. As a former Fortune 100 chief executive officer in the energy, telecommunication and utility industries, Bob has extensive experience in capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory and legislative strategies.

Bob has served on the boards of directors of seven publicly traded companies and was elected chairman of the board of two New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) companies and three other publicly listed companies. He guided these companies and others in capital markets strategies involving initial public offerings (IPOs) and private investments with a combined value of more than $5 billion and more than 50 merger, acquisition and divestiture transactions, some of which surpassed $1 billion.

Companies under Bob’s leadership were recognized as “Risk Manager of the Year” by Energy Power and Risk Magazine, “Utility of the Year” by Electric Light and Power Magazine, and “Employer of the Year” by the Human Resource Management Association (HRMA).

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