About Us

We believe the overall RFP process is broken. Information should not be shared in documents.

Procurement teams and business developers can work together more efficiently. When they share information in an integrated manner, they can be more effective and productive. Our goal is to provide an integrated platform to reduce the time and cost associated with RFPs, RFIs (Requests for Information), RFQs (Requests for Qualifications), and more.

RFP365 was founded by Stuart Ludlow and David Hulsen in 2012. In the years before launching RFP365, Stuart ran a software consulting company. A client hired Stuart on three separate occasions to respond to similar RFPs, without knowing about the previous proposals he created. Dave also worked for a software consulting company and issued some large RFPs. When he emailed out a collection of documents, including PDFs and Excel spreadsheets, he knew the process hadn't matured.

On a motorcycle tour through Vietnam, Stuart and Dave hashed out their frustrations, and mapped out an initial version of the software.

RFP365 is headquartered in Kansas City, in the KC Startup Village. We are completely independent, with our customers as our only investors. Each day we come together to listen to our users, solve problems and continue to improve our platform.

  • Dave and Stu in Cambodia
  • Dave and Stu in Vietnam
  • Dave and Stu at Angkor

Meet The Team

Stu Ludlow

Stuart Ludlow


Stuart is the technical co-founder of RFP365. As the technical lead, Stuart is responsible for the product lifecycle loop from software development through customer feedback.

Dave Hulsen

David Hulsen


David ("The Professor") is another co-founder and business director of RFP365. He is responsible for sales and marketing, client services, and financial operations.

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