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  • Vendors reuse past work and respond to RFPs faster.
  • Buyers conduct RFPs more efficiently, so contracts can be rebid more often.
  • Stakeholders make key, data-driven purchasing decisions.

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RFP Issuer / Buyer

"Lockton’s Human Resources (HR) Technology & Outsourcing Practice helps you reduce the frustration, anxiety, and costs stemming from the technology that runs your organization. We help employers research, purchase, implement, and manage the HR technologies that directly impact and serve your employees."

Industry: Benefits Technology 

Challenge: Lockton was spending too much time on adminstration and Excel matrices. They needed a process that was easier not only for them, but also for their vendors; they needed more accessible and more actionable information.

RFP365 Results: Greater data confidence, stronger client deliverable. 

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I have more confidence in our information now. Not having to manually compute Excel matrices not only saves a lot of time, but it also means more data integrity. Now we can see our vendors activity and data in real time. As a result, our client deliverable is much stronger.”

Brad Mandacina.png

Brad Mandacina

Lockton Companies

Director, HR Technology & Outsourcing


ihouse logo.png

RFP Issuer / Buyer 

"ihouse is a consulting firm specializing in HRIS Analysis & System Selection, Project Management, and Systems Consulting."

Industry: Benefits Technology 

Challenge: ihouse needed something easier and more dynamic than Excel spreadsheets for evaluating and tracking vendors. They wanted to implement an RFP process that was so efficient, every vendor would want to work with them. 

RFP365 Results: enhanced offering, increased competitive advantage. 

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Using RFP365 has elevated our offering to the next level – we know our clients are receiving the absolute best results. We feel like we’re helping pave the way for how RFPs should be done by using this system. RFP365 has been a great partner in elevating our strategic consulting Solutions Consultant offering and goes beyond providing just a piece of technology that we’re using.

Ronnie Beckwith.png

Ronni Beckwith


Principal, HR Technology Consulting Practice Leader



RFP Responder / Vendor 

"The Actiance platform enables organizations to use Unified Communication, Social & Instant Messaging with regulatory, legal, and corporate compliance." 

Industry: multi-national IT security corporation

Challenge: Actiance was spending too many long evenings and weekends reinventing the wheel. They wanted to improve and scale their proposal writing process. 

RFP365 Results: writing proposals 5x faster

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Before we had this system we were working all weekend and staying up all night, so the hours it saves us are very significant.


Lynne Jennings


Corporate Sales Engineer



RFP Responder / Vendor 

PlanSource is a technology company driven to create a better benefits and HR experience for employers and their employees." 

Industry: Benefits Technology 

Challenge: Like most HCM & HR solutions, responding to RFPs was a critical step in winning new business, but the traditional RFP process simply wasn't getting PlanSource the wins they needed.

RFP365 Results: 85% productivity increase.

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Since implementation, our productivity has increased by 85%, and our throughput has increased by 200%.


Michael Makatura


Sr. Director Analytics & Sales Operations



RFP Responder / Vendor 

Rave Mobile Safety is the trusted partner for advanced emergency notification, communication and emergency response solutions."

Industry: Security

Challenge: Rave was tired of reinventing the wheel with each RFP, they knew they needed a tool that would help them respond to more RFPs faster.

But they were frustrated by the platforms they tried. Either they were too simple and didn’t have the functionality they needed, or they were too over the top, with a steep price tag.

RFP365 Results: 50% faster reformatting time per RFP.

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Once I had the opportunity to demo the product, I never looked back. The service is as great as it possibly could be. I’m a big evangelist of RFP365 and recommend it to anyone who is tired of struggling with procurement.The software is very affordable, and based on its capabilities, it’s the best tool on the market.


Scott McGrath

Rave Mobile Safety

Public Safety Solutions Architect


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