Additional Services

We are here to help, from planning through daily account usage. No two organizations are alike, so RFP365 provides tools to configure your account to the way you work. 


Account Setup

RFP365 offers advanced features for both large and small companies.  Thoughtful setup of your account can help your long-term success. We can help you:

  • Identify and setup your Account Hierarchy
  • Setup Team Members with the appropriate permissions
  • Import response data into your Knowledge Base (for RFP respondents)
  • Create your RFP Library (for RFP issuers)



We strive to make RFP365 as intuitive as possible, but we provide assistance for you and your team to get moving quickly. Optional training sessions can include:

  • Organizing and setting up your team
  • Managing security settings
  • Grouping accounts into a logical hierarchy
  • Importing RFPs into RFP365
  • Assigning tasks and tracking proposal status
  • Adding historic responses and managing them in your Knowledge Base
  • Creating RFP response lists, and templates
  • Configure RFP scoring and evaluators
  • Exporting final Proposals and RFPs


RFP Writing

We've seen our fair share of RFPs and regularly review client work at their request. If you aren't sure what questions or ask, we are happy to help. Based on your needs, we'll provide you a professional services fees quote along with the cost to use the software. 

  • Single RFP event versus multi-stage (RFI then RFP)
  • Requirements gathering and discovery
  • Best-practice questions to ask
  • Evaluation tips and scoring configuration