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Just say the word RFP and you'll immediately hear horror stories. 

We know because we've experienced it first hand.  

Back in the day, Dave Hulsen was issuing RFPs, complaining to his college buddy Stu about the painful and archaic process. He was tired of wading through stacks of proposals, and not being able to easily compare, or sort options. 

Stu Ludlow, was on the other side of the table, responding to RFPs, trying to win business. He was sick of not being able to find the details he needed to write effective responses. Tired of being asked to answer the same questions over and over again. 

Together, they decided to combat the problem and make RFPs easier for everyone.


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Today, information is being created and sent, but it's not being monitored, reused, or leveraged efficiently. Data is collected, but it's not analyzed. We see the potential being wasted, and want to fundamentally change how the RFP process is conducted.

RFP365’s mission is to constantly leverage the best innovations technology can offer to simplify the RFP process. Our goal is to empower people to focus more time and energy back on what really matters… their core business.

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Our RFP platform helps everyone from small business teams to billion-dollar enterprises and is the only end-to-end RFP software on the market to streamline the process for both buyers and vendors.

RFP365 software has been implemented in a range of industries, and is supporting over 23,000 users in over 500 organizations across 4 continents.  


We're proud not only of our product, but of our team. We strive to make RFP365 a place where when you come to work, you know you're making a real difference. Our unique perks don't hurt either... 

  • Dog-friendly office
  • Multiple company outings & holiday parties
  • Standing desks
  • Ugly sweater parties (of course)
  • And more... 

Our Leadership Team

Stuart Ludlow

Stuart Ludlow

Technical Lead / Co-Founder

Stuart is the technical co-founder of RFP365. As the technical lead, he is responsible for the product lifecycle loop from software development through customer feedback.  

Stuart is highly active in the community, mentoring and speaking on business, high-tech, and entrepreneurship. (See some of his advice here).

His family and four pets keep him occupied outside of work.

Dave Hulsen

Dave Hulsen

Operational Lead / Co-Founder

David is a co-founder and business director of RFP365. He is responsible for sales and marketing, client services, and financial operations. David has a history of issuing and responding to RFPs as a technology consultant. 

David is passionate about using technology to bridge the digital divide, both across poverty lines and through corporate inefficiencies. (Read his RFP insights here).

Outside of work, his wife, kid, and dog keep him busy.

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Bob Green

Investor & Director

Bob is an RFP365 board member, investor, and advisor. As a former Fortune 100 chief executive officer, Bob has extensive experience in capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory and legislative strategies.

Bob has served on the boards of directors of seven publicly traded companies and guided these companies and others in capital markets strategies involving initial public offerings (IPOs) and private investments with a combined value of more than $5 billion and more than 50 merger, acquisition and divestiture transactions, some of which surpassed $1 billion.