10 Things Vendors Wish You Knew About Your RFPs 

12/7/17 1:08 PM David Hulsen RFP Issuing

Sending out bad RFPs is a critical misstep for benefit brokers and consultants. Top carriers are always in high demand, so if you send them a subpar request, they’re less likely to respond. 

Moreover, vendor selection usually requires an extensive amount of time and resources, so it’s important to get your RFP right the first time to cut down on unnecessary back-and-forth emails that may leave you scrambling to put together results for you client at the last minute.

Simply put, we can’t afford to send out RFPs that frustrate our vendors. So I was thrilled when Employee Benefit Advisor invited me to share the 10 things that are keeping top vendors from responding to your RFPs. And most importantly, how to write RFPs that will make vendors want to engage. 

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