11 Must-have Question Categories for Your Tech RFP Template

7/7/16 1:59 PM Anna Duin RFP Issuing

11_Must-have_Question_Categories_for_Your_Tech_RFP_Template.jpgWriting a Request for Proposal for a new technology or software can be daunting to say the least. What kind of questions should you ask? How do know you've covered all the bases? (If you're a vendor looking for proposal writing tips? Get them here.)  

Fortunately, while specific tech RFP questions vary across industries and products, there are a few types of questions which are fairly universal. 

So whether it's your first or 100th RFP, below is a simple SlideShare covering the 11 request categories you should include in your technology-related RFP templates.

11 Key Question Categories 

While we are RFP software makers, we are not RFP consultants. In other words, we help facilitate your RFP process, but we're not content consultants. 

Luckily, we have friends and colleagues who do offer such consulting. Please note, they don't incentivise or reward us for sharing their resources, we're just fans of their work. One such partner is Businessolver. They consistently provide tons of quality Request for Proposal resources including a fantastic RFP tool kit. 

We even teamed up with them a couple of months ago to create a webinar on how to Master your RFP process; and while the webcast was primarily geared toward Benefits Administration professions, about 80% of the insight is relevant to anyone in procurement.

Businessolver also created an incredibly practical, and helpful RFP Solutions Sheet, which includes 271 recommended questions to include in your RFP. (Again, it's geared towards their focus on the healthcare industry, but the bulk is applicable to any technology or software solution.) 

We've summarized their key categories and included some of their suggested questions in the simple SlideShare below.

Use the recommendations as inspiration for your own tech RFP template, as an addition to your RFP database, or as a starting point if you're working from scratch.

If you're looking for a more comprehensive RFP examples for your next technology/software RFP, we highly recommend downloading their full RFP Solutions Sheet.



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*Feature image credit: Lauren Mancke