A Letter From the Founder: Why We Built RFP365 -- More Than $

Traditional RFP process means information is painstakingly created, and then lost. Data sits in stagnant documents instead of being analyzed. Teams spend countless hours on RFPs, but walk away without the insights they need. They have better technology for social media than this crucial business effort.

People often ask us why we built RFP365. The answer is we wanted to bring RFPs into the 21st century. So our clients could get "back to the important work" of core business.

It wasn't a corporate decision, made by people in a corner office because they thought it would make a lot of money. We built it because my Co-founder and I sat at a kitchen table and both complained about how much we hated RFPs - sending them out and responding to them. 

It's been 6 years since then. So I wanted to write a little thank you letter to all our clients explaining the story behind your tool -- and to thank you for making it such a success


A Letter To Our Clients...

Dear RFP365 Fan,

I’m so happy you’re using our tool -- you’re actually fulfilling a longtime dream of mine; by using our platform you’re getting RFPs out of Word, Excel, and paper binders into something digital and efficient.

It sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Yes, we built RFP365 to make money, but more than that it was because we personally hated RFPs and kept saying “there has to be a better way.” This platform was a long time in the making. My best friend and I self-funded the first couple of years and were the quintessential two-man startup.

Dave and Stu 2.jpg

It all started because back in my consulting days I was sending out RFPs, complaining to my old college buddy Stuart about how painful and archaic the RFP process was. I was tired of wading through stacks of proposals, and not being able to easily compare, or sort options. Stuart was on the other side of the table as a Subject Matter Expert helping write proposals. He felt like a broken record, getting swamped everyday with multiple requests for the same information (over and over again).

So we built RFP365 to be the tool that we had personally always wanted.

Several years later, we’ve grown and scaled. But we’re still trying to convince people that RFPs don’t have to be horrible. 

But today you’re partnering with us in bringing RFPs into the 21st century. We’re so grateful.

Thank you!

Dave Hulsen
Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer