Actiance Is Writing Proposals 5x Faster with RFP365

Actiance is Writing Proposals 5x Faster with RFP365

Chances are, you're reading this because you've entertained the idea of Proposal Management software or something to manage your proposal content; but you're wondering if it really works.

Can you justify the expense? Is it that much better than using email, Word, or Excel. 

Great questions.

So we asked our users. As part of our Customer Spotlight series, we're highlighting their Request for Proposal process challenges and triumphs. Including what drove them to try RFP software, how they've leveraged our platform, and their results. 

This week in the limelight: How RFP365 helped Actiance respond to Requests for Proposals 5x faster. (See their full case study here.


The Actiance story 


Who is Actiance?

In their own words "The Actiance platform enables organizations to use Unified Communication, Social & Instant Messaging with regulatory, legal, and corporate compliance." 

Industry: multi-national IT security corporation

Challenge: Actiance was spending too many long evenings and weekends reinventing the wheel. They wanted to improve and scale their proposal writing process. 

RFP365 Results: 


Read the case study

Our favorite part of their success is now they're working not harder, meaning Friday nights are about fun again, rather than last minute proposal scrambling. 


3 creative ways Actiance uses RFP365

What we also love about Actiance's success is they're not only responding to RFPs 5x faster, but they're using RFP365 to:

  • make security audits more efficient,
  • equip sales reps, and
  • get new employees instant answers. 

Obviously, the main benefit of a good Proposal Management System is the ability to easily find, organize, and reuse past work. Our platform has several cool features like task assigning and time tracking, but the Pièce De Résistance is definitely the Knowledge Base. It looks like this: 


We market the platform as a proposal writing tool, and that's what most of our clients who are vendors or suppliers use it for (we have a procurement version as well.)

But Actiance took it a step further and got really creative with how they leverage their content


They shrewdly realized that an RFP is just an interaction. It's just someone asking a series of questions. And a proposal is simply an answer to those questions. 

Which is why they don't just use their Knowledge Base for proposals, but for everything

#1. Security audits

While Actiance uses their Knowledge Base (KB) for the standard RFP or RFI response, they also use it manage their Security Questionnaire responses.

Which is completely brilliant because it follows the same basic Q&A process. 

They simply "tag" or label their content corresponding to security information and reuse the information in RFPs, RFIs, or audits as is relevant. 

#2. Sales rep secret weapon

They also add their Sales reps as users so they can easily look up technical information and product specification, enabling them to answer prospect questions with the most recent, freshest information.

Actiance also wisely segments their KB by product line, which makes it even easier for their sales reps to find what they need. They simply pick a product and search its related content, drilling down by: 

  • Date created/modified
  • Writer
  • Topic
  • Keyword or "tag" 

A centralized Knowledge Base is a powerful way for people in different departments and roles to get the information they need without barraging everyone with emails and calls. 

For example, when I'm doing tech support, I can troubleshoot some FAQ's in the RFP365 Knowledge Base before interrupting our busy developers.

#3. Onboarding & tribal knowledge 

Actiance even uses their KB as part of their onboarding process.

Rather than use a company Wiki, or complicated intranet, they organize important employee information and tribal knowledge in their Knowledge Base.

So when a newcomer has a question about company hierarchy or product functionality, they don't have to hunt through 100 files, instead they simply do a quick search and get instant answers. 

Three pure genius ways of taking a Proposal Management System far beyond proposals. 


Does Actiance's success story make you jealous? If you're also tired of spending too many late nights and weekends reinventing the wheel, then we should talk. 

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We work with everyone from brokers and consultants, to government municipalities and movie theater chains. 

So no matter what industry you're in, or side of the table you're on, whether you're a Purchaser or a Vendor, we can help help make your part in the process easier. 

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