April 2017 Release - New Features

In mid-April 2017 we released features that will help both the buyers/issuers and the respondents/vendors in the RFP process. These include nest sub-sections for categorization, inline tagging of responses, and scoring configuration for Vendor Profiles. 

For RFP Responders (Proposal Writers)

Sub-sections in Proposals

Great news, now you can match your client’s RFP format even closer with the addition of Sub-sections. Use RFP365 to more precisely configure the Word or Excel RFP you receive with sub-sections, allowing you to follow your client’s lead, making your Export look true to their form, exactly how they like it. This will be especially helpful to those lengthy security questionnaires, with sub-sections broken out by category.

There's a new question upload template, so make sure to use that when you upload questions. 

Upload Proposal section_upload - Sub Sections 2017-04-16 16-16-39.png

See the Help Topic here


In-line Response Tagging in a Proposal

You can manage your team’s Knowledge Base (KB) by easily tagging questions “on the fly”. This was a really popular request with our users. 

As you are responding, you can tag the questions/responses so that these new pairs will be stored in the KB with the appropriate tag.

Proposal response with tags.png

See the Help Topic here


For RFP Issuers (Buyers & Consultants)

Enhanced setup using Excel workbook

Setting up your RFP just got a lot easier. We have a new and enhanced Excel upload workbook you can now put all of your Sections into at once, and we’re now including Sub-Sections too. We make uploading your RFP a snap.

RFP upload template.png 


Sub-sections in RFPs/Profiles

Customize your RFPs with the addition of Sub-sections. Categorizing your sections into sub-sections can help the navigation and readability for you and your respondents. When you score sections, keep in mind that only top-level sections can have a point value. Sub-sections are just for ease-of-use.

Thus, if you want to score a sub-section, you'll need to make it a top-level sections (as it is more important). 

RFP Sub-sections.png

Scoring is critically important, and complex, so contact Support (support@rfp365.com) to discuss your specific needs.  


Ability to make sections Optional versus Required

Save everyone some by time by allowing vendors to opt-out of sections that are Not Applicable to their service offerings or capabilities, both in the RFP and/or Profile. Skipping or Opting Out of irrelevant sections means they can respond faster, and you have fewer, higher quality responses to evaluate. Not to mention it can improve your overall vendor relationships and bottom line (there's nothing worse than answering 'not applicable' to dozens of questions.

optional sections toggle.png

Your vendors/respondents can specifically click to skip an optional section. Obviously, if you are scoring this section, the vendors who don't skip can potential earn more overall points. 



Allow scoring of Vendor Profiles

Leverage the data you already have to make more informed vendor selections. Now you can utilize the information from your Vendor Profiles to score and quantify your comparisons, so next time you can short-list more quickly and efficiently.

VP scoring 5.pngSee the Help Topic here



We love hearing from you and always invite you to offer ideas (and vote on them) here

Coming up in future releases are the:

  • Enhanced Word import (to bring RFP questions in more easily from Word documents...and put the responses back out in the source document)
  • A new Client Discovery function for RFP issuers to gather needs from clients/stakeholders
  • Various cosmetic upgrades to various screens (especially related to scoring responses)
  • Knowledge management capabilities to help marketers control their messaging as they respond to RFPs.