Cengage Is No Longer Drowning in Emails With RFP365

I'm a Marketer. And I know both from a professional and personal standpoint, that you are (rightly) skeptical when you shop. Especially when you're evaluating key investments like RFP software. Because the provider can say whatever they want, you have to depend on reviews, trials, and testimonials from customers with similar challenges to be truly well-informed. 

Enter our Customer Spotlight series, telling the stories of real clients -- including what drove them to switch to RFP software, how they've leveraged our platform, and most importantly, their ROI. 

Today we're talking about Cengage. As an educational content, technology, and services company for the higher education, K-12, professional, and library markets worldwide, Cengage was responding to over 120 RFPs per year. Not to mention juggling complex data for product lines. But when each new RFP meant 100 project management emails flooding inboxes, they knew something had to change. Read their success story here

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Cengage's Story 

Industry: Education 

Challenge: School districts were getting more leeway to choose their own education tools. Meaning Cengage -- a provider of digital learning solutions, Higher Education eBooks, courses, resources & services, was responding to more RFPs than ever.

They had also recently partnered with several other companies, which created more work and more RFPs, but not more resources to do it with. Cengage was now responding to about 120 RFPs per year. The skyrocketing RFP influx completely overwhelmed the small team, who were managing the myriad of responses all via email.

RFP365 results

✓ No longer losing previous RFP responses

✓ Faster turnaround

✓ More accurate, consistent answers

✓ No longer spending hours project-managing RFPs

Cengage SuccessWIDE-335737-edited

Our favorite part of Cengage's success is that they found the "single source of truth" that they were looking for, and that they had a great decision and implementation process: 

"Another thing I love about RFP365 is that they didn’t just sell it to us and forget about us. They continually keep up with us and check in. The couple of times I’ve needed customer support, I’ve always gotten it very quickly. They’ve been great." 

Cengage Pull quote-584984-editedRead the case study


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