Christmas Came Early: New RFP365 Features

While the holiday season may not actually be about gifts, I think we can all agree presents make it much more fun. Which is why we're giving you, our users, an early Christmas present. Below are the details of your exciting new RFP365 features.

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For those of you responding to RFPs and other questionnaires, you'll be happy to know that you can now answer client questionnaires (like security questionnaires) with easy drop-down lists (like when you get something with lists in Excel).
You also just got a much prettier, more efficient dashboard to track your proposal progress. 
What do these new features mean for Purchasers? It means your vendors and suppliers can now deliver higher quality proposals and questionnaires faster. We'll also have more for you the form of a Consolidated Reporting feature.

See all the details below and just let me know if you have any questions, I'd love to help (email me at or call 816.287.0737).

Proposal Writers: Dynamic Dashboard

Everything You Need At-A-Glance
You’ll notice things looks a little different when you visit the Proposal Dashboard, but don’t panic. Everything you need is still there...and more.

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What's changed:
  • Your progress by writer and approver are still there, right in the middle
  • You can see the details in summary without visiting the Details page
  • You can see if your team jumped on the effort or waited until the last minute
  • You can see and link to the Messages page
  • You can see an audit trail of recent changes
  • If you have notifications (for various reasons), they'll show here too

    Proposal Dashboard.png

Questionnaires with list-options?

...Like The Dreaded Security Questionnaire
Now you can answer client questionnaires with drop down lists (like Excel drop-downs) within RFP365. This makes it a lot easier to answer the questions in the way your client or prospective client desires.

Learn more about list-option responses here.

Above is what the template looks like when it's empty (basic Excel template), below is what it will look like once it's completed.


Learn more about list-option responses here.

  • You can upload the Questions (still by Section) with a List option and the drop-downs in the Excel cell.

  • You can also upload the Questions by Section and manually add the List options in RFP365.

  • When you export, your drop-down option and the comments will be in separate Excel columns so you can manipulate as needed into your client doc.

Questionnaires 3.png
Learn how to make your own.


I hope these upgrades make your job easier, because that's the best gift we can give you. Enjoy your holidays and may your days be "merry and bright."