Create Custom Styles -- Export Your RFP Responses Beautifully

9/28/17 11:14 AM Anna Duin RFP365 New Features

There is nothing worse than thinking you've finished your task only to realize there's more to do. Like when you're so happy you finished writing all your RFP responses, only to find you now have to format them. 

Which is why we're so excited to announce our new "Styles" feature. Now RFP365 clients can create their own "Styles" directly within the platform itself. You map out what headers, sub headers, questions, answers, and tables should all look like. You have almost 200 fonts to choose from and can customize them to be any color you want. When you're ready to export into Word, you simply choose which style you want to use, and boom your RFP responses are stylized. No more tedious formatting post-export. 

Below is how to create your own custom styles in RFP365. (Not an RFP365 user yet? Learn more about us here.) 

Why Is This Important? 

Because anything you can successfully automate is time saved. Giving you more hours to focus on your real job, writing compelling content.  

And if you're one of the many that have been using your own customized Word Templates for your Exports, you'll want to read this.  While you don't have to use the new Styles option, you'll likely find it an easier way to manage your custom branding.  

How To Create Your RFP365 Style:

Step 1. The first step is to toggle under your name in the top right of the menu, and find the account you want to create a custom style for.

Step 1 - accounts.png
Step 2. Once you’ve selected the account, you’ll see if you have any existing styles under that account. You can edit those styles or you can create a new one. Look for the orange button on the right that says "New Style."

Step 2 -- create new style.png
Step 3. Now pick the fonts, colors, and table border thickness for each section. You can decide if you want them bolded (the default is bolded) and/or italicized.

Customize color and fonts.png
Step 4. Then download your preview. You'll get a zip file showing what it will look like. Check to make sure you like the colors, sizing, etc. If you like it, click "Save Style" and use it anytime you want to export into Word. 

Document preview .png
Step 5. When you're ready to export your responses, you'll see you have multiple options. Use the style menu and select the one you want to use. 

Export style.png

We recommend doing a test export, and then see if you need to edit your Style settings. 

Step 6. To edit your style, simply click on the name. 

Click to edit.png

See more detailed instructions hereCurious to see what else we've been working on? See more new features here. Or get RFP response tips here


Here's to easier RFP responses. Write on!