For Your Consideration: Our New Salesforce Integration

7/20/17 11:31 AM Anna Duin RFP Responding

Salesforce Integration is Out .pngYou probably spend at least a little bit of your time working in Salesforce. Whether it's task management, or prospecting, the blue cloud is likely pretty familiar. 

And if you're an RFP365 user as well, great news, we're officially integrated. Meaning, you can keep an eye on your proposal progress directly within your Salesforce opportunity records. You can even start a new proposal right there in Salesforce. Please note: this is an optional paid feature available with premium plans. Contact your Account Rep to learn more. 

It's never been easier to stay on task, on target. 

What it is

Progress Dashboard 2.png

Now you can see and track proposal progress right from the visual force, above is what it looks like. You can view a full summary within the opportunity itself -- you no longer have to stop what you're doing and login into RFP365 to check progress.

Plus more good news, RFP365 will auto-populate your new proposal with information listed in Salesforce; including the name of the project and the name of the account/company issuing the RFP. 

Why should you care?

Salesforce integration - why you should care.png 2017-07-14 13-50-28.png

How does the integration help you? 

Basically you won't have to login to two systems to know how you're doing on proposal progress. And you won't have to enter redundant information into your proposal - Salesforce tells RFP365 the name of the project and the name of the account/company issuing the RFP. 

Our clear dashboards effectively outline exactly where you are with a project, and which users are responsible for which questions.

So if you live in Salesforce like our team does, it will be easier for your team to stay focused and informed because now you can check real-time progress within RFP365 or directly within the opportunity record in Salesforce. 

And if you want to get to work on the proposal, it's just one click away. Simply look for the "View in RFP365" link on the top right menu (see image above). 

How to use it - step by step instructions

Add to opportunity or create a new proposal-019240-edited.png

This is an optional paid feature available with premium plans. Contact your Account Rep to learn more. Or contact us here

Ready to get started? Here's the step-by-step instructions. 

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