Gained Efficiencies Across the RFP Process [Software Updates]

Did you know RFP365 has been helping people like you, issue and respond to RFPs since 2012?

We alleviate pain points tied to inefficiencies associated with: 

  • Re-writing content that’s already been written
  • Spending hours on approvals for content that’s often requested
  • Searching for content from previously submitted RFPs

Also, we're continually working to simplify the overall process through ongoing innovation, as shown in recent  enhancements, which include a Knowledge Base Dashboard, updates to the interface and robust scoring features.

“The Knowledge Base Dashboard showcases efficiencies and areas of improvement for managing content, while enhancing the overall experience associated with RFP responses,” said Stu Ludlow, technical lead and co-founder at RFP365. 

He added, "We also developed an updated, easy-to-use interface with enhanced scoring features to help vendors issuing RFPs evaluate responses quickly and easily."


Easy to consume, Knowledge Base Dashboard

With RFP365’s Knowledge Base Dashboard, guesswork goes to the wayside.

The Dashboard showcases:

  • When response content was established and/or updated
  • Number of times content has been leveraged
  • Who authored and reviewed content                                                                                                                           

It also centralizes information so it’s all in one place which streamlines your searches, helps maintain your knowledge base and paints an easy-to-consume picture for leadership groups, who are accountable for sales targets.


A refreshed look and enhanced scoring  

Additional updates to the software include an enhanced interface and updates to scoring features, which have already been well received by many.
  • “I love the new color scheme and scoring functionality!” Amanda, HR Technology
  • “This is awesome! This was the number one request our team had for RFP365." Paula, Financial Industry
  • “I like the look and added color. I like the Knowledge Dashboard. Great work!” Lisa, Customer Experience Industry 
RFP365’s mission is to fundamentally change how the RFP process is conducted, so be on the lookout for additional updates that enable even more powerful efficiencies.