How to find a vendor your client will rave about

As a consultant you have one very specific goal:

Find your client the perfect vendor. And the more you understand your client’s needs and pain points, the more likely you are to achieve that goal.

That’s why the discovery process is critical. It provides an avenue for you to understand exactly what’s frustrating your client, as well as which solution would best address their challenges. 

Unfortunately, the discovery process is often time-consuming, and accessing the information obtained is difficult.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Introducing Client Discovery — a new module from RFP365 that empowers consultants to simplify and streamline clients’ discoveries when they issue RFPs.

With Client Discovery, you can store client-submitted discovery information in RFP365’s dynamic, searchable database, simplifying the process of creating follow-on RFPs. Client permitting, you can even share needs noted in the client discovery with vendors in the context of the RFP.

It’s the perfect way to identify right-fit vendors for all of your clients.


Learn more about Client Discovery or request a demo today.