How to Keep your Proposal Content Fresh

How to Keep your Proposal Content Fresh - Feature ImageOld proposal content is like the stale doughnut sitting on our counter...completely unappealing.

Worse, it's a liability. 

If you're a vendor, not only does outdated information open you up to risk, but if your latest and greatest capabilities aren't being accurately represented, you could be loosing deals you deserve.

Luckily, if you're using our RFP software, updates just got easier. We just launched a couple new RFP365 Responder features to help your team be pro-active knowledge managers, so your content stays up-to-date. (If you're an RFP Issuer/Buyer check out your latest features, and stay tuned for more). Now you can: 

  • Assign an owner to key content in your Knowledge Base
  • Set a review date to prompt a content review
  • Easily see content that may need to be reviewed before used
Keeping your proposals fresh has never been easier. 

Assigning a Reviewer to Content

Is there someone on your team who “owns” the expertise for your content such as Legal, Regulatory, Marketing or IT? Great news, you can easily assign a group of questions for them to review. PLUS you can kick off an automated schedule of reminders asking owners to check and update their knowledge periodically.

That way you always know the content you and your team is using is the latest and greatest.

Simply click on the question you need reviewed, then navigate to the Review tab to assign to a Reviewer and set your dates. The Repeats Every option will send reminder email notifications according to the schedule you select.

Blog assigning reviewer.png


Pro Tip: you can also assign content in bulk!

Look for the “bulk actions” on the top left of your toolbar and select “manage reviewers” to assign multiple pieces of content at once.

Blog Bulk assigning reviewer.png


Flag Content for Review

When writers inevitably come across content that may need an update, they can immediately flag the response for review. If you're working in a Proposal in the search function, you simply click the flag button to the right of the content, as you can see in the example below.

Blog flagging 1.png

If the response has an owner assigned to it, the owner will be automatically notified of the need for update. Once flagged, you can also easily filter for the selected content in the Knowledge Base.

Filter for Content That Needs Review

You have several Knowledge Base filtration options, so you can find exactly which pieces of knowledge need to be reviewed, for a given proposal, or by a certain writer.

In the example below, I am searching for content that I assigned Sally as the reviewer, any time after February 2017 that is still needing to be completed.

Blog Review Filters .png

The multiple “Flag for Review” filter options means you can be as general or specific as you need to be.


Easily Identify Flagged Content

As you work in your Knowledge Base, you'll easily see what content has been flagged for review. Just look for the little orange flag in the middle of the record.

How to Keep your Proposal Content Fresh - Identify


Turn off the Flag

Once you've made the appropriate edits and updates to the content, save your knowledge then simply click on the Mark as Complete link. Congrats, you're done.

Blog mark complete.png


Confused? Need Help? 

Our job is to make responding to RFPs incredibly easy. And we know there are few things more important than keeping your Knowledge updated. So if you have any questions about using search, filter, or tagging options, we'd love to help. 

Contact us at or call 1-844-737-0365 option 2.

Here's to fresh, hot-off-the-press proposals!


Editor's note: this blog was originally published 9/4/15, but has been updated for clarity and accuracy.