HRIS in 2016: The One Thing No One is Talking About



As 2016 begins, the world of HR and benefits consulting is buzzing with the “next big thing” in HR Tech. Everyone is talking about the latest policies, newest software, and making predictions for the new year.

But there’s one thing no one is talking about…. how to get there.


Start your engines

If these innovations are “destinations” on the roadmap for the future of HR, then we need to talk about the “car” that is going to get us there: vendor selection.

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Whether it’s a new mandate or fresh HRIS (Human Resource Information System) players that have you “shopping” for new HR solutions for 2016 (for yourself, or for clients), you will almost certainly deal with 2 things:

  • The dreaded Request for Proposal (RFP) 

  • And outdated vendor information 

RFPs are still a vendor selection gold standard for many Benefit Plan Administrators and Benefit Planning Consultants. The problem is, RFPs are not only laborious, but slow. Many businesses still require physically printed and mailed binders; and once vendors are finally chosen, their profile information is updated annually.

More than just an annoyance, this pace is a risk. The risk of a manual, cumbersome process is that by the time it's completed, it's outdated. The choice is obsolete.

If we treated our company communication like we treat our RFPs, I’d send my boss a postcard telling him I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning. By the time he got it, I’d be back.

In other words, the traditional RFP management has become a  liability.

Once upon a time, email for business was unthinkable. The first hurdle was of course building the actual technology, but the second (possible bigger) challenge was convincing people it was a more efficient way to communicate.

Whether we realize it not, we're there again, this time with our business process outsourcing. Once again, we need to be convinced technology can make communication more efficient. 

The future of HR is fast and furious, and it requires benefit strategies that include a more agile way to select and communicate with suppliers. 



Relevant RFPs

That’s where we come in. RFP365 is an RFP software application designed to make your entire RFP and vendor selection process simple. So you can find your perfect fit faster, and ensure your HR tech vendor data is up to par. 

21st century vendor selection looks like:

  • Side-by-side response comparison (no manual matrices)
  • Automated, detailed scoring summaries, that make it easy to justify selections
  • Digital profiles that allow vendors to easily update their data and engage (big, vendor management best practices, brownie points) 
  • Analytics that track supplier trends (so you can short list faster)

Go into the future of HR in 2016, knowing you have a selection method that get’s you what you need, before your choice expires. 

Learn more about smarter vendor selection.  

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