HR Tech Trade Show Traveling: How to Pack Like a Pro

In just a few short weeks you'll be packing. 

So will we. The RFP365 team is looking forward to going to Las Vegas for the 20th annual HR Technology conference. We can't wait, it'll be our third year exhibiting (come tell us why you hate RFPs for a chance to win Amazon gift cards at booth #3436 - here's the map).

The first year we went to HR Tech we made one incredibly smart decision. We hired professional event planners. Since we were new to the show and a bit nervous, we decided to call in the big guns -- namely Third Avenue Events

Our seasoned experts kindly gave us advice on everything from booth design to social media, networking to Wi-Fi. They also gave us great packing advice, which we turned into a little infographic (see below).

So whether you're exhibiting or attending, here's how to pack like a pro.

(Right-click on the infographic to save for easy reference later. I like to keep a copy on my phone as well.) 
HRTech Trade Show Traveling: How to Pack Like a Pro [Infographic]

If you're coming to HR Tech, we'd love to meet you. Look for RFP365 booth #3436 (floor plan / map here), and tell us what you hate about the RFP process. 

What are your trade show packing tips? Let us know in the comments. 

[Editor's note: this blog was originally published 10/16/15 but has been updated for clarity and relevancy.]