It Doesn't Have to Be Like This: Rethinking RFP Response

10/8/17 1:16 PM Anna Duin RFP Responding

Rethinking RFP Response - Update.pngThere are very few industries that just don't innovate. That won’t change, adapt, or evolve. But the RFP process has certainly been one of them, a “digital last frontier." Case in point, this is how I explain traditional RFP responding: 

Responding to RFPs - w sub-titles.png

If you’re laughing on the outside, it’s because you’re likely crying on the inside.


Rethink Your RFP Response

Let's be honest, RFP doesn't stand for "Really Fun Party." RFPs are usually time-intensive, tedious, and we don't even know if our efforts will pay off and we'll get the project. 

But.... we can't just do away with RFPs -- as much as we might like to. So the question is how we can make the process better and easier, so we're not working nights and weekends and missing important deadlines? 

This easy eBook covers tips from the pro's on how to make your RFP process easier, and content more compelling.

How to Write Better RFP Responses - eBook

Have you ever: 

  • Felt like you were reinventing the wheel with each RFP? 
  • Had to "hurry up and wait" for your Subject Matter Experts to answer your emails?
  • Spent hours responding to RFPs even though it isn't your "real" job?
  • Had your RFP volume grow, but not your resources? 
  • Lost past RFP responses and/or couldn't find content when you needed it?
  • Had your team miss an important RFP deadline?
  • Not been sure who was working on what? 
  • Asked "where are we with the RFP?" because you couldn't track completion progress
  • Had your team debate if you should respond to more RFPs?
  • Wanted to win more projects but you just didn't have the time?
  • Had difficulty collaborating with a global team? 
  • Wanted a better, easier to organize and find past responses content?
  • Had to manage RFP responses for multiple product/offerings
  • Been swamped with security questionnaires and/or technical requests"?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this eBook is for you. It covers: 

  1. Tips for writing and formatting each section
  2. The secrets to getting the best answers from your SMEs
  3. How to tip the evaluation scales in your favor


[Editor's note: this blog was originally published 10/16/15 but has been updated for clarity and relevancy.]