Just Hatched - NEW Responding Software Features


Birds are hatching in my window box. And as cliche as it is, I love that spring always means new life and a fresh start. 

Our commitment is to make responding to RFPs easier for you. So our fresh start this year includes new features and a fresh new look.  

Your responding software just got better. 


What a 'better' RFP process looks like. 

You, the user, decide what a 'better' process looks like. That's why we've spent a lot time lately just listening. You've told us what you love about the platform, and what we can do better. Your feedback has been invaluable. Please keep telling us

Below is our latest and greatest features to add to your toolkit. 


 #1. Knowledge Base Exact Search 

Find what you’re looking for

If you’re trying to find an exact piece of content (ex. “revenue growth in 2014"), you can now search your Knowledge Base using double quotes " " around a string of words to search for an exact match just like a Google search.

Knowledge Base Exact Search


Option 1. No quotes = Broad search, General matches

Option 2. “Quoted Search” = Narrowed results, exact matches

Also, this exact search only scans letters and numbers. Symbols ($, %, &...) won’t be factored in.

#Pro Tip - Tags: filtering secret weapon. 

Tags work as categories. You can filter by one or more tags at a time. For instance, you might search for projects within a specific area/region like "Midwest" that also contains certain industries like "health care". 

Pro Tip - Tags: filtering secret weapon.

Tags give you more control, and more efficient filtration, helping you find things that are related to each other. 

They’re especially helpful for organizing types of responses. Use them to group answers according to product line, accounts, or locations. 



 #2. Use Your Own Template 

Just your style 

Big news, Admin users can now upload their own Word templates! So when it comes time to export into Word, team members, can now choose any template they want.
Use Your Own Template

Custom Template Export

The exported Word version will inherit the styles of the Word template, including: images, logos, font styles, and headers & footers. The Proposal title inherits the styles for Header 1, sections inherit Header 2, and questions inherit Header 3.

Word also allows users to do additional things with 'header' text, such as create a table of contents.  


#3. Save to Knowledge Base "Switch" 

Make it the new “standard” or just a “one-off”

Admins can now configure which pieces of content are automatically saved to the Knowledge Base (KB). It works just like a switch that you can turn on or off. The default is “on,” meaning all new content (once approved), is saved to the KB.

Save to Knowledge Base "Switch"

But you can turn the switch off at the account level. 

Once the switch is turned off, new approved content is NOT automatically written to the KB, and won't be, unless the "switch" is turned back on at the individual response. 

#Pro Tip: an account Manager can (at any point) override this “switch” and push something to the KB, or pull something out.


#4. Partition Tasks

Shorter to-do lists

We want to keep your to-do list as short as possible. So now, if a user has open tasks for Proposals that have “on-hold” statuses (No Bid, Complete, Complete-won, and Complete-lost), these tasks will no longer appear on your Home screen, but are still available on your Tasks page for reference.

Partition Tasks

#Pro Tip: to see your pressing tasks, go to your Home page where you can toggle between a status bar chart and a list of open tasks



Not whole new features, but tweaks that make things a bit more convenient.


#1. Status Updates

They’re not just for social media

In addition to our current statuses of:


We’ve added a new “No Bid” status. Handy for when you start writing a response, but need to opt-out for some reason.

Status Update

It should be noted that while a proposal automatically moves from "In-Progress" to "Past Due,” you have to manually change it to be any other status.



#2. Breakout Proposal Sections

One thing at a time

Rather than sorting through an entire proposal at once, and using the hard-to-find filter button, now you can easily focus on each distinct section, one at a time.

Breakout Proposal Sections


Filter by Section

Navigation is easy, via the left-hand table of contents, making it easy to move from section to section.



#3. What You Need When You Need It

Get answers, make suggestions

Getting what you need shouldn't be hard. So we built a new and improved support area. Where you can get in touch, ask questions, and search for FAQs & user guides.

What You Need When You Need It

You can also make requests for features you’d like to see, and vote for your favorite ideas. 

Here's to fresh starts, and new features!  



Please keep telling us what would make your RFP process easier.    

Tell us what you want


PS. The application wasn't the only thing that got a facelift. Check our new website look. 

PPS. Issuers got new stuff too, see their new features here. 








**Image credit: Kelly Finnamore, Creative Commons