Keep it Simple: NEW RFP Software Responding Features

Keep it Simple: NEW RFP Software Responding FeaturesSummer is the time for vacations, lazy long evenings, and kicking back and relaxing.So we built you some new responding software features, all designed to make your life easier. Simpler. So you can get back to your summer. 

We proudly present our latest and greatest. 



It's about Time

We know your time is precious. And we know how difficult it can be to quantify all the hard work that goes into a proposal.

Enter your new proposal analytics. Proposal Teams can see exactly how much time writers have spent preparing responses in RFP365. You get insight into your process so you know where to go next. 

We've been using it ourselves. 



What will you do with the time you save?



All for One, One for All

Built for both RFP Issuers as well as Responders 

We like Oprah's style of generosity, so we've decided there are some features too good not to share (“you get a new feature, you get new a feature, everyone get’s a new feature!”). 

In the spirit of Ms Winfrey, below is some functionality designed to make life easier for both sides of the table (Buyers as well as Vendors)... 



RFP Event Messaging 

Drop a Line

Communication happens at every phase of the RFP process. That's why we built event messaging, so you can "ask a question about question," or any other clarification you might need, at any step in the process (even after RFPs have been submitted). Keep the conversation going.  


Note: If you are working in a Proposal that you built within RFP365 (it wasn't issued through our system), you can only send and receive messages from your internal team. 


User log for administrators 

View access

Now account administrators can track all the users in their account and view their session history. This means you can see who was in and when. Keep tabs on your team. 




Tag Management 

Categorize your stuff 

Your new tag management console allows you to manage all your tags in use across the platform. You can see where certain tags are being used, whether they are on Proposals or Knowledge. 





Tell us what else you need for a better RFP process.

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PS: Issuers got new stuff too. Check out their new features here.