Procurement Resources: Our Palambridge Partnership

You have a problem. Maybe it's finding and hiring your next CPO. Perhaps it's justifying to your CFO why savings shouldn't be the only value you're striving for. It might be that you know you need to build stronger supplier relationships but you aren't sure where to start. 

And the worst part is, you don't know who to turn to. 

If we're honest, being in sourcing, procurement, and supply chain can be... complicated. And no matter where you are in your procurement process and career, chances are at some point you'll need some outside guidance and strategy. 

Sure, you have several options for articles, books, industry groups, and technology solutions, but in reality, it's the endless options that make it so hard to find the help that you need. Which is why we're officially partnering with Palambridge. 

Your One-Stop-Shop for Procurement Resources 

Palambridge in their own words, is a virtual platform of procurement experts, technology, and intelligence created to provide a broad range of flexible, strategic, tailored solutions on-demand. The value and objective-driven approach of the Palambridge platform brings tomorrow's supply management to procurement leaders and organizations today.

Simply put, they are your one-stop-shop for procurement help and resources. On their website, you'll see an "I need to" menu which gives you the following options: 

Palambridge What Do You Need? -808773-edited.png

My guess is, you've grappled with at least one of these needs. 

We've long been admirers of Palambridge Co-Founders Philip Ideson of Art of Procurement and Kelly Barner of Buyers Meeting Point. We're avid readers of Barner's blogs and articles, and huge fans of Ideson's work and have actually teamed up with him numerous times including our How to Write a Killer RFP podcast and How to Do Weighted scoring webinar

Both Ideson and Barner bring extensive industry knowledge and first hand experience to the table. Not to mentioned their curated panel of experts to advise you on any challenge you might have.

Palambridge circle of Experts.png

Here's how Ideson describes how Palambridge makes procurement more productive: 

Yesterday, we published a joint press release describing why we've chosen to partner with them, but in essence, it's because we believe sourcing should be simpler.

We believe procurement teams should have access to the tools and expertise they need, when they need it. So they can increase their efficiency and make more informed decisions.

"We're excited to partner with Palambridge. " said David Hulsen, Co-Founder & Operations Lead of RFP365. "Now more than ever, procurement professionals need easy access to seasoned experts and the right resources to help them move forward, and Palambridge provides just that. We're extremely impressed by their commitment to provide superior insight and value to the industry."

They're partnering with us because we provide an RFP tool that makes it easier to find and evaluate suppliers.

"RFP365 is reimagining the potential associated with RFPs, alleviating the inefficiencies and frustrations that have dogged procurement and suppliers in the past," said Philip Ideson, Managing Director of Palambridge. "They understand that is it possible to reach better sourcing decisions faster, while bringing transparency to the supplier selection process."


Ultimately, we choose to partner with someone because we take our challenges seriously and we want to grow.

If we really want to get to the next level in our goals and careers we have to first ask ourselves where are we stuck? Where do we need to upgrade our methods? How can we learn from other vetted professionals hard-earned expertise?  

Where do you want to grow?