More Sun, More Fun: More RFP Software Features (Buyer Edition)

More_Sun_More_FunWhile summer may make certain blog writers rather bitter (due to her complete inability to tan), it makes most of the sane world happy. S'mores, family vacations, lightning bugs. It's full of the simple, good, important stuff.

That's why we built you (more) new RFP software features, so you can get you back to the important stuff.



RFP Template Library 

Reduce & reuse 

You have better things to do than write the same information over and over. Now you can save that terrific RFP you wrote as a template for your future endeavors (and your team). Our Issuing software makes it easy to create your library, so you can stop working from scratch each time.



RFP Section Library 

Find your favorites 

Don’t want to re-use the entire RFP, just a certain section? No problem. Save just your most articulate questions into your RFP Section library for future use.


Features for Everyone!

Built for both RFP Issuers & Responders 

There's some things too good not to share. That's why we designed the following features to make life simpler for Vendors as well as Buyers...


RFP Messaging During the Event 

Stay in touch

Both Buyers and Respondents can send and respond to messages at any point in the Request for Proposal process. Respondents can ask a question about a question, and everyone can continue their work and quickly. Less miscommunication means better bids.



Respondent Vendor Tours

Simple = Fast 

We added some new tours for your vendors, so when they come in the system they can be productive in just minutes. Getting everyone started faster.



Tag Management 

Categorize your stuff

Your new tag management console allows you to manage all your tags in use across the platform. You can see where certain tags are being used, whether they are on RFPs, Contacts, Companies, Templates, etc.



#Pro Tip: RFP Issuers (Buyers) can tag vendor contacts and companies according to category (i.e. “union”, “payroll”, "third party admin")



User log for administrators 

View Access

Now account administrators can track all the users in their account and view their session history. This means you can see who was in and when. Keep tabs on your team.


#Pro Tip: conform to your organization's security protocols by customizing your account’s number of failed login attempts allowed as well as the duration of the user’s lockout period. Proper settings mean better security.



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PS. Responders got new stuff too, see their new features here.