New Feature: Placeholder text (aka Variable text)

We all know keeping the content in your Knowledge Base fresh and accurate is critical to any sales/marketing organization. Of course, structuring your RFP responses to be re-usable is a bit of an art form, and challenge. 

But good news for RFP365 users, we now have variable text with placeholders -- which can be a big time-saver. 

Now you can define placeholders in your Knowledge Base and use/define them when you consume that content in a proposal. 

What it does: in other words, if you end up writing certain things over and over like company name, or Point of Contact, now you'll only have to define them once. Once you've defined them, they will autopopulate into the rest of your proposal. 

How it makes your job easier: the main benefit is you get is a more customized proposal, in a shorter time period. We built this feature because we noticed several of our clients were using placeholders manually, and we wanted everyone to be able to automate it. 

Placeholders are used to define variable text. In your Knowledge Base, you can configure placeholders for things like:

  • Client name
  • Account executive
  • Department
  • Location
  • Point of Contact

It looks like this -- first you create you desired placeholder and then you map them to correct information. 

Create Placeholder from KB - POC.png

Map Placeholders Proposal 2017-08-01 09-57-17.png

In each proposal, you might use different values for those variables. So when you use content with {Point of Contact} as a component, RFP365 will now ask you to define that Placeholder. So I can input Steve Smith for this proposal. Every time I come across that same variable, the value of Steve Smith will be inserted.

Have a question about how to use it? Email us at or call (844) 737-0365 and press option 1.