Edit RFPs and Vendor Profiles After Publishing

We've all been there, you order the flier, send the email, or publish the RFP... and of course there was a typo you didn't notice. Likewise, we've all been confused by bureaucratic paperwork filled with questions that weren't at all relevant to us (tax forms anyone?). 

Which is why we have some great news for all our RFP365 users: 

  1.  Now you can edit a RFP and/or a Vendor Profile format after you publish it 
  2.  You can give vendors an opt-out for sections and/or questions that are Not Applicable, both in the RFP and/or Profile

Edit a RFP or a Vendor Profile After You Publish 

Why is this a big deal? Because, now you can: 

  • Fix typos 
  • Get more information, or add more detail 
  • Clarify phrasing
  • Add questions
  • Delete questions
  • Change the response type (Text/List/Table, etc.) 
  • Update your profile format 

Get step-by-step directions here. It looks like this: 

Edit button RFP 2017-08-23 12-21-06.png

You can also see when a section is being edited: Edits underway - RFP 2017-08-23 13-15-38.png

This is especially handy for Profiles, since they're out there indefinitely and are likely to naturally change over time. Particularly if you use them to collect your most-often-asked questions. 

Learn how to edit an RFP or profile here

Make Sections and/or Questions Optional

Save yourself some time. Don't make your vendors answer questions that are completely irrelevant. And don't make them type "Not Applicable" a million times. 

Instead, now you can you make a question or whole section optional, in both the vendor profile and/or in any RFP. Get step-by-step directions here. It looks like this: 

optional sections toggle 1.png

And you can clearly see if they opted out. VP opted out message.png

 Learn how to make a section or question optional here 

Cheers to flexibility and "undo" buttons! We hope you enjoy your new options. 

Have an idea for how we can make RFP365 better? We'd love to hear it. Let us know in the comments or email us at support@rfp365.com