New Year, New Issuing Software Features


Our commitment this year is to keep making RFPs simpler. 

We know it's a bit late to be jumping on the New Year's resolutions train (since it's mid March...) but we've kept that ambition our top priority. 

What that means for you is two-fold.

First, you tell us what 'simpler' looks like. 

We've spent a lot of time lately talking to you, hearing what you love about the platform and what's still on your wish list. Your feedback has been invaluable. We want to keep hearing it.  So thank you. We hope you like your results. 


Second, it means NEW FEATURES.

Here's the latest stash of new RFP issuing features to help you in your efforts. 

#1. Preview & Export

Fresh perspective

RFP authors can now put themselves in the shoes of their vendors, and see what they’ll see when they receive the RFP. 

Preview & Export

#Pro Tip:
Need to share/discuss offline? Export a version into a Word doc.

#2. Track Library Questions

Time after time

Find out how responses trend and change over time by tracking your library questions. When used, questions can be re-ordered, but not edited or rewritten. Showing you how different vendors answer the same questions over time.

Track Library Questions


 #3. Deadline by Time Zone 

Synchronize Watches  

Get greater control by setting a deadline date and time (now configurable to any time zone).  

Deadline by Time Zone


 #4. Close & Congratulate 

And the winner is…

You can now close out RFPs in style and notify Respondents of their status: winner, finalist, and not-selected.

#Pro Tip: This is also a great place to include vendor feedback. You can craft a message to respondents in each category and notify them. 


 #5. Matrix (Side-by-Side) Scoring

Apples to Apples 

Make vendor comparison seamless. Select 'Section Scoring' to see each response side-by-side, and find out how they stack up.

Matrix (Side-by-Side) Scoring

#Pro Tip:
Do all your scoring directly in the matrix view, so you can grade each vendor on the same section or question, all at the same time (no more switching gears). 


#6. Vendor History 


Trying to decide who to invite on your next RFP? Check each vendor's track record. Get the entire history of RFP events and dispositions. Including notes on each RFP and vendor relationship notes.

Vendor History


#7. Locked Scoring 

The show must go on

If you’re tired of waiting for each scorer to get in their evaluations, now you can end the madness and stay on schedule. When you manually close down scoring, your evaluators will no longer have access and the results will be 'locked'. We average the input from the scorers, of course. 


#8. RFP Invite 

Guest List 

You can get an overview of all the RFP invitations you’ve sent out to contacts and the status of those invitations. Respondents can even give you a reason if they don't want to bid on your project.

RFP Invite



Not whole new features, but tweaks that make things a bit more convenient.

#1. Multiple Company Contacts 

The more the merrier 

We decided one contact per company just wasn't enough. So now you can invite anyone and everyone to your company contacts (even your half-cousin's dogwalker's dentist). 
Keeping your contacts at your fingertips.  
Multiple Company Contacts


 #2. Library & List Page Updates

Got some lipstick

 Lists got a big makeover, and are prettier and more consistent than ever. They're also more intuitive, making it easier to: manage, filter, and export details.

Library & List Page Updates



#3. What You Need, When you need it

Get answers, make suggestions

Getting what you need shouldn't be hard. So we built a souped-up support area. Where you can get in touch, ask questions, and search for FAQs & user guides.

What You Need, When you need it

You can also make requests for features you’d like to see, and vote for your favorite ideas. 

Cheers to to a new year, new features, and to life made easier! 


Please keep telling us what would make your RFP process easier. 

Tell us what you want



PS. Responders got new stuff too, see their new features here. 

PPS. the application wasn't the only thing that got a face-lift. Check our new website look.