Top 10 RFP & Proposal Management Blogs



Too often the "F" in RFP stands for frustration (or perhaps a slightly more explicit word). So, to make 2016 a bit easier, we're wrapping up this year with our best RFP management tips. 

Here's our top 10 blogs from 2015, covering everything you need to know about how to issue RFPs (and if you even need them), how to manage your vendors, and what's next for procurement. 

Let's start 2016 prepared (and maybe even relaxed). 



#10. RFPs Are (Not) Dead






First things first, are RFPs really necessary? 

Get the details here. 

Spoiler alert, in several industries RFPs are still considered the gold standard for vendor selection. Making our next question, how do we do them well? 


RFP requirements & scoring 

Many buyers issuing RFP experience three common problems or areas of confusion: 

  • When should you send an RFP? (#9) 
  • What's the difference between an RFI and RFP? (#8) 
  • And how do you calculate weighted scoring? (#7) 

#9. What to Ask Before Issuing an RFP 








Before you address the invitations, ask these 5 questions. 

Get the checklist.


#8. RFI or RFP? Which Should it Be? 







Check out our handy infographic, to see where your questions fit best. 


#7. RFP Weighted Scoring - Demystified








An overview of how precise RFP weighted scoring works, the main steps involved, and how to optimize your vendor selection process. 

Learn how easy it can be.


Vendor management best practices

Of course once the RFP (or RFI) is sent, and the winner selected, we have a new problem. How do we manage those relationships and empower our vendors to deliver? 

#6. The Golden Rule of Vendor Management








The Procurement Pros' secrets of getting suppliers engaged and invested. 

Read more.


#5. No More Chit Chat RFPs







Why generic "chit chatty" RFPs just aren't effective and how to write relevant RFPs that make vendors eager to engage. Read post. 


#4. What Marketing Knows That Procurement Doesn’t








Vendor Relationship Management: 3 secrets procurement can learn (and steal) from marketing. Industry insights from a CMO to a CPO. 

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The future of procurement

More and more business process outsourcing is being conducted through the internet. A process called eProcurement or e-procurement (which encompasses everything from contract portals to vendor management software).

Meaning procurement is having to catch up with buzzwords like big data, and millennials' expectations for their purchasing process. 

#3. Procurement's Next Big Idea? Big Data









Find out why it's time for Procurement to embrace big data. 


#2 Why Millennials' Amazon Experience Is Redefining Vendor Selection








How consumers' online purchasing experiences are changing b2b vendor selection standards.

Read our guest post on Procurement Leaders.


#1 How to tailor the tech









3 simple steps to shopping for eProcurement software, so you can find the perfect fit for your team. 

Learn how.


Whatever you're doing New Years Eve (anyone want to join me in a Netflix binge?), here's to a not-so-frustrating new year!


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