NFP Is On the Cutting Edge With RFP365

You are not stupid. You're not going to fall for nonsense marketing promises and not do your homework when it comes to buying new technology.

Because if you're reading this, you're probably considering RFP software, and are in the process of doing your due diligence. And frankly, you don't want to hear what we say about our product. You want to know what actual users think.

Enter our Customer Spotlight series, telling the stories of real clients-- what drove them to switch to RFP software, how they've leveraged our platform, and most importantly, their ROI. 

Today's story: as a leading insurance broker and consultant providing Employee Benefits, HR Technologies Consulting, Property & Casualty, Retirement, and Executive Benefits services, NFP had a full plate. They needed to scale their businesses processes -- starting with a better way to do RFPs. See their full case study here

(Or if you're looking for a RFP-Responder case study, find out why Actiance is writing RFP Repsonses 5X faster with RFP365.) 

NFP's Story 

Industry: Benefits Technology

Challenge: Being consultants in an industry as fast-paced as HR Technology meant they couldn't afford anything other than total efficiency. But their traditional RFP process was tedious and painful. 

"Before RFP365 we were sending out RFPs in Excel documents. We’d ask vendors to complete in their responses in Excel as well. But their answers would be so long they couldn’t fit, so they’d end up submitting proposals in Word documents. The whole process was so piecemeal it made it very difficult to bring the results together in an easy-to-compare way." 

They found their answer with RFP365.

RFP365 results: Streamlined selection process, positioned as a leader in innovative technology, and clearer vendor comparisons.

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Our favorite part of NPF's success is they're practicing what they preach -- using technology that enables them to work and scale more efficiently. 

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Read the case study


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