Open This Gift Early -- RFP365 New Features 2017 + 2018


It hardly seems possible that it's almost 2018, but I've eaten half of my advent calendar...and chocolates don't lie. Before we wrap up 2017 we need to take a moment to thank you for being our client. (New to RFP365? Learn more about us here.) 

Thank you for your investment of time and money, honest feedback, for leaving us reviews, for being a part of our case studies, and for all your kind words and encouragement. You do so much for us! 

We also wanted to share an overview of what we've built this year, and what's coming down the pipeline for next year. In this post we'll cover: 

2017 Product Timeline Recap.pngSee full size timeline here

Here's a quick overview of all the new features we built in 2017.2017 New Features List.png

See full sized list here

Styles (RFP-Responders) 

  • Create your own custom "Styles" for RFP responses. Map what headers, subheaders, questions, answers, and tables should look like. Choose from 200 fonts and any custom color.
  • When you're ready to export into Word, simply choose which style you want to use. No more tedious formatting post-export. Learn more

Adding Word, PDF, Excel Import (RFP-Responders) 

  • Upload any RFP document you receive, whether it’s in Word, PDF, or Excel.
  • "Map” the designated sections & questions to create the proposal within RFP365.
  • Then simply export the proposal into the original Word or Excel doc you received it inLearn more

Placeholder Text (RFP-Responders) 

  • If you hate writing your company name over and over, you'll love our placeholder text. You can define placeholders (ex. “Company” = “RFP365”), which will then auto populate throughout the proposal. 
  • You can configure placeholders for things like: Client name, Account executive, Department, Location, Point of Contact, etc. Learn more

Template Placeholders for Word Exports (RFP-Responders) 

  • Similarly, you can create placeholders for your Proposal Templates so that your RFP responses inherit the unique details of a particular project once you export into Word.
  • You might set one for POC, Proposal Details and Created Date, etc. Learn more  

Scoring Profiles (RFP-Issuers) 

  • Leverage the data you already have to make more informed vendor selections. Now you can utilize the information from your Vendor Profiles to score and quantify your comparisons.
  • You can filter across profiles and short-list more quickly and efficiently. Learn more

Optional Questions & Sections (RFP-Issuers) 

  • Don't make your vendors type "Not Applicable" a million times. Instead, save yourself some evaluation time and make questions or sections optional.
  • You can do this in a Profile or any RFP/RFI. Learn more

New RFP Dashboard (RFP-Issuers) 

  • Now you can track the status of those RFPs from start to finish.
  • Easily track vendor completion progress and scoring.
  • See all of your internal and external communications related to the RFP, etc. Learn more

Salesforce integration (RFP-Responders) 

Single Sign-On (Everyone) 

  • If your team’s user accounts are set up with either OKTA or SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On, great news, you can now add in RFP365.
  • Your SSO Administrators can create and maintain accounts easily across the board and your end-users won’t have to worry about remembering one more login or password.  
  • Contact us to learn more

Consolidated Reporting (RFP-Issuers) 

  • This powerful reporting tools allows you to analyze your vendors at the next level.
  • You can build and download views from different perspectives (by section or tag) and for specific vendors.
  • You can aggregate information across multiple RFPs and Profiles.
  • Reports can be saved for future use. Learn more


Roadmap for 2018 

So that's where we've been this year. Now, on to the future, here's what's coming down the pipe in 2018: 

Knowledge Base Dashboard (RFP-Responders) 

  • Charts and graphs help you track your stored content, showing you everything from how old responses are, to possible duplicates. Making it easier to see what needs to be updated, or be put on a review cycle.
  • So you can make sure your Knowledge is always fresh. 

More Export Options for Vendor Responses (RFP-Issuers)

  • We've heard your needs for greater control over exports.
  • We'll be adding some controls to help you make client-ready reports more quickly.

Enhanced User Experience (Everyone) 

  • We believe RFPs should be easier. We engaged a new User Experience / Interface expert (UX/UI). 
  • Throughout the year you will see enhancements to common pages for greater control and clarity.
  • Our goal is to help you get more done with fewer clicks. 

Stay tuned more details. 

RFP365 team highlights

It's been a banner year for RFP365 both in team growth growth and increased revenue. But we won't bore you with all the details. After all, the team is really about the culture. So instead, here's some of our fun team highlights. 

First, we hired several new employees. And part of our unique onboarding process is that you are required to wear the "crazy cat hoodie" for at least one day -- and at least once out in public. Flattering isn't it? 

The Cat Hoodie.png

Another definite team highlight was seeing our certified Yoga Instructor break into the Warrior 2 pose while working our booth at a recent trade show. (Bonus, it was a great way to draw in foot traffic.) 

We also had a great team outing to No Other Pub where I learned I am terrible at shuffleboard. Also top of the list, was watching the solar eclipse while we worked in lawn chairs in the parking lot. (The WIFI by my car was great!) 

Have some fun.png

This team is quite fond of its libations. So our year wouldn't have been complate without an incredible in-house beer tasting provided by our team Brewer. (If you're ever in Kansas City check out his work at BKS brewing). As well as an exicting tour of J. Rieger & Co whiskey distillery. 


We can't wait to see what the New Year holds. Again, thank you so much for partnering with us. Your ideas, feedback, and encouragement mean more than you know. 

If you have any questions about our new or upcoming features, we'd love to answer them. Drop us a line at or call (844) 737-0365. 

Thank you! And cheers to the New Year!
-RFP365 Team