Pay Per User - No One Likes Cliques

1/29/13 3:08 PM David Hulsen RFP Responding

Most of us, have at least partially blocked out Jr. High.

And for good reason. The insecurity. The terrible haircuts. And most of all, the judgment and weird social dynamics. 

Jr. High is tough because it's place where inclusion is a commodity. There is criteria for who "deserves" to be accepted and included, and who doesn't. 

The pay-per-user subscription model (or seat license) isn't so different. It's innately cliquish. 

You're Not on the List 

When you use Proposal Management Software that charges per user one of two things happen. To save money you: 

1. Either don't invite all the contributors you actually need
2. Or you try to share accounts across multiple writers 

Option #1 just makes things weird quickly. You start asking questions like who really needs access? Who is important enough? It get's exclusive quickly. And then there's a lot of important work that isn't done in the software. So this is counterproductive. 

Option #2 (sharing accounts) means it's no longer clear who wrote what, when. You loose accountability and transparency (kind of the point of RFP software). 

So it begs the question:

Why would anyone choose an application that prices their products by User or License? 


"Come On In"

We believe if you want more people to use your product, you make it easier, not harder for them to join the team. You reward them for inviting their friends (not punish them by making them pay more). 

More users. More expertise. 

If you're lucky enough to have a crowd of people willing to help you with your RFP response, your job is to make it such a experience that they can't wait to work with you next time. 


Share your burden and make RFP responding a team event.

Make responding easier






**Image credit: Markus Spiske, Creative Commons