RFP Software: the broker & consultant guide [exclusive eBook]

RFP Software: the broker & consultant guide [exclusive eBook]

Your job as a Broker or Consultant is to deliver top-notch client service. 

That job is getting harder every day. 

New regulations and better technology mean fresh offerings are flooding the market, making the list of options you need to analyze for every client longer and longer. Yet issuing Request for Proposals and selecting vendors has stayed the same tiring dance. Writing RFPs in Word and PDFs, manually scoring responses, and painstakingly compiling them all into Excel. Digging through scattered files to review vendor histories.

Sound familiar? 

Now, more than ever, your time is money. And you simply can't afford to waste it on a time consuming (and soul-deadening) RFP process. 

Discover 3 new ways RFP software manages the details of vendor selection, so you can focus on the decisions. (If you're a vendor who responds to RFPs, don't worry, we have a guide for you too). Our exclusive Broker & Consultant eBook covers everything you need to know.

Here's a sneak peek:

RFP Software guide sneak peak - what to expect

RFP software guide - what we'll cover 

Learn how you can compare options faster, and find the right solution for your client before it becomes obsolete. 

Intrigued? Go ahead, take a look, it's free. 

RFP Software: the broker & consultant guide -eBook offer

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