RFP365 Customer Spotlight: PlanSource


While I have never understood the appeal of figgy pudding (as in "now bring us some figgy pudding" -  from the carol "We Wish You a Merry Christmas") I think we can all agree the proof is indeed in the pudding - figgy or otherwise. 

Meaning, when you're looking for RFP software, you don't really want to hear us say nice things about ourselves (almost as awkward as trying to self-describe on an online dating profile), you really just want to see the end result. 

You want to read product reviews, and hear from real customers what it's ike to work with us and what kind of difference our solution has actually made. 

So here's our pudding.

Introducing our new Customer Spotlights, a series highlighting the challenges and triumphs of real clients' Request for Proposal process. Including what drove them to try RFP software (and ditch Word & Excel), how they've leveraged our platform, and how they've measured their success. 

This week in the limelight: How RFP365 helped PlanSource improve their RFP responses. 


The PlanSource story 

PlanSource is a self-described "benefits-powered HCM platform that provides consumers, employers, brokers and carriers with limitless benefits." 

And like most HR software and benefit administrative systems on the market, responding to RFPs is a critical piece to how they win new business

But the traditional RFP process simply wasn't getting them the wins they needed. 

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Do PlanSource's frustrations sound familiar? Are you tired of spending too much time on "process," and not enough on core business? Are you tired of having better technology for ordering a pizza than for your RFPs? 

Then good news, regardless of your role or sector, there's hope. 


How we can help you

We work with everyone from Benefits Consultants and Insurance Brokers, to government municipalities and movie theater chains

So no matter what industry you're in or side of the table you're on, whether you're a Purchaser or a Vendor, we'll help make your part in the process easier. 


Is RFP software right for you? Find out.

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