RFP Success: Why Lockton Companies Has Greater Confidence

They needed to be able to gather data faster, compare options more accurately, and strengthen their vendor relationships.

Sound familiar? 

Below is the story of how RFP365 gave Lockton Companies, the world's largest privately held insurance brokerage firm, greater data confidence and a stronger client deliverable. 

Find out what drove them to ditch Word & Excel in favor of RFP software, how they've leveraged our platform, and how they've measured their success.

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The Lockton Technology & Outsourcing story 

Lockton's Technology & Outsourcing Practice mission hinged on their ability to keep up with the constant changes in Human Resource technology.

The problem was, they were having to divide their time between their true work of being consultants and tedious administration like compiling complicated Excel matrices. 

The team had tried implementing a legacy RFP platform, but it was too clunky and their vendors found it extremely frustrating (randomly crashing, not saving their proposal content, etc.). 

So Lockton started completely rethinking their RFP process. Since they wanted to truly partner with their vendors by making their jobs easier, they decided that their new RFP system would have to benefit everyone involved. 

They had two clear goals in converting to RFP365:

  1. More accurate and actionable data for the purchasing stakeholders
  2. Make it easier for vendors to write and submit proposals 

See their impressive success in the case study below. 

Read the full case study here.

Lockton Success Story - Image Verison Page 1.jpeg

Read the full case study here.
We were pleased to hear that not only did Lockton reach their objectives, but also that several of their vendors including Businessolver, PlanSource, and Ultimate Software had reported that they were thrilled to be responding to RFPs in RFP365. (See their feedback here on page 2.)

Lockton Success Story - Image Verison Page 2.jpeg
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Lockton's commitment to invest in business tools that benefited both themselves and their key stakeholders paid off. As their vendors attested, the result was that they submitted higher quality proposals, more quickly. A win-win for everyone.



Do Lockton's frustrations sound familiar? Are you tired of spending too much time on "process," and not enough on your core business? Are you wondering if better tools could make a real difference for you a well? If you're envious of Lockton's success, then don't worry. 

Regardless of your role or sector, there's hope. 

We work with everyone from Benefits Consultants and Insurance Brokers, to government municipalities and movie theater chains

So no matter what industry you're in or side of the table you're on, whether you're a Purchaser or a Vendor, we can help make your part in the RFP process easier. 

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