RFP365 Has Revolutionized Mitratech's RFPs

I hate it when sales people act like I'm stupid. Like I'm going to blindly buy without doing my homework, researching competitors, or fall for vague marketing promises. 

We don't want to do that to you. Because if you're readying this, you're likely considering trying RFP software and are in the process of doing your due diligence. And frankly you don't want to hear what we say about our product, but what real users say. 

Enter our Customer Spotlight series, telling the stories of real customers -- what drove them to switch to RFP software, how they've used our platform, and most importantly, their return on investment. 

This week's story: legal services company Mitratech needed a highly secure and efficient way to store, manage, and reuse their past proposals. They wanted to upgrade from their jumble of spreadsheets and project management tools. Below is how RFP365 helped them write proposals 33% faster, replace their myriad of task management tools, and ultimately win more business. See their full case study here.

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The Mitratech Story 

Mitratech Case Study_Page_1.png
Read the case study

Who is Mitratech?

In their own words "Mitratech is the leading provider of fully integrated enterprise legal management solutions for more than 750 global legal departments of all sizes, including almost 40% of the Fortune 500. Mitratech’s offerings include integrated matter management, e-Billing, legal hold, contracts management, entity management and compliance solutions."

Industry: Legal Services

Challenge: as a multi-national legal information services company, offering software and services for inhouse legal professionals and companies, Mitratech needed secure, accurate, and exact RFP responses. But their current proposal management system, a hodgepodge of shared drives, spreadsheets, project management tools, and manual calendar alerts just wasn’t cutting it.

RFP365 Results: able to write proposals 33% faster, replaced a myriad of task management tools, and empowered to win more business.

Mitratech Case Study_Page_2.pngRead the case study

Our favorite part of Mitratech's success is they're no longer reinventing the wheel with each RFP, recreating responses because it was faster than trying to find them. 

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