RFP365 in the News: Moving & Milestones

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RFP365 in the News: Moving & Milestones


A milestone is defined as "a stone set up beside a road to mark the distance in miles to a particular place, and "an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development... a landmark, significant event, achievement, benchmark or touchstone." 

So rather than a dry press release, here are the stones RFP365 has set down in the last few months.  


Small Business Award 

Early this June, we were honored to win the Kansas City Kansas Chamber of Commerce New Small Business of the Year award. 


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RFP365 in the news_Accepting_award.pngImage credit: Startland News

It was a sweet and poignant moment for us as we got to celebrate, and thank the community that's continually invested in us (getting to stand on Sporting KC's field for the photo shoot was also a definite bonus!). 


Endorsement from US Secretary of Commerce 

A couple months later we had the distinct privilege of taking a meeting (along with several other businesses) with US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker.

RFP365 in the news_Pritzker.pngImage credit: commerce.gov 

Pritzker not only deeply emphasized and commiserated with the painful Request for Proposal process, but also very kindly affirmed our solution:  

Pritzker cited several Digital Sandbox KC companies that impressed her, including RFP365, which digitizes and streamlines the request for proposal process.

"I would hope we can have an RFP by these guys, because it's just too complicated a process — I feel that way from the government standpoint … (the process) needs to be faster," she said.

Moving on Up 

August found us packing. We moved our growing team to a larger, more sophisticated office in the Waldo neighborhood in Kansas City. And while it really was bittersweet to leave our friends, colleagues, and roots in the KC Startup Village, it was also a tangible marker of just how far we've come. 

RFP365 in the news_newo office.jpg

(Now that the dust has settled, we're busy nesting and taking bets on how long we can keep our new office plants alive).  


Why Millennials' Amazon Experience is shaping Vendor Selection

The summer wrapped up with our stately co-founder & blogger Dave Hulsen being invited to share his thoughts on the future of vendor selection with the prestigious Procurement Leaders publication. It was a perfect stage for highlighting the gaping disparity between traditional procurement process versus what the next generation comes to expect from purchasing: 

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"Traditional procurement begins with a static catalog of pre-approved products and/or vendors. There’s no filter, no easy apples-to-apples comparison, no reviews, no real-time updates or access.

Conversely, platforms like Amazon’s (B2B or B2C) are extremely effective because they’re criteria based...What makes these systems so popular, is they put the buyer in the driver’s seat. No static pre-programmed categories. Instead: digital, dynamic, fast. In other words, total control. Qualities the next generation will be conditioned to expect from all their purchasing processes."

If you're not already following Procurement Leaders, you should be. They're as profound as they are prolific.  


Building on Local Ties: AMC

There's something extra special about serving your neighbors as customers. Which made our recent onboarding of AMC as a client particularly gratifying. 

RFP365 in the news_new local clients_AMC.pngImage Credit: KCSource Link

We're delighted to have them using our RFP software to streamline and simplify their procurement process. 


Streamlining B2B Procurement 

We were also excited to be included in a discussion on How moving the RFP process to the cloud streamlines B2B procurement by B2B News Network

However, not all RFP solutions are created equal, according to David Hulsen, operational lead and co-founder, RFP365, a provider of web-based RFP solutions, who cautions to beware platforms that cater to only one side of the RFP—buyers or sellers—and not the entire process.

RFP365 in the news_B2B News Network article.png Image credit: B2B News Network 

“An efficient RFP tool must provide solutions for each stakeholder and step of the process,” he says.

Under that premise, a balanced platform will empower both buyers and sellers. With a fully digital RFP process, vendors can search and reuse past work, allowing them to write higher quality responses, faster, Hulsen says. “For buyers (it enables them) to see and quickly compare purchase options side by side, so they can choose efficiently." 


What's Next?  

The milestones, recognition, and new partnerships simply serve to remind us we're not the only ones who are frustrated by the traditional RFP process. That there are others willing to dare to dream of a better, easier way.

And it's making that way, that continues to be what makes us excited to come to work every morning. 

So, what's next in the news for RFP365? Time will tell. Stay tuned!


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