RFP365 is ihouse's Competitive Edge

If you're reading this, then you've probably wondered if there is an easier way to do RFPs. If you're a Buyer, you might be looking for a better way to evaluate potential vendors than time-sucking Excel spreadsheets. If you're a Vendor on the receiving end, you've likely wondered if a tool could help you find your past responses faster. 

Maybe you've considered looking into an RFP software solution, but been skeptical about whether not it would really help you. 

So we'll take off our sales hat, and let you hear what our users say directly. Our Customer Spotlight series, shares the stories of real clients, including what drove them to RFP software, leveraging our platform, and most importantly, the return on investment (ROI).

This week's story: HRIS consulting firm ihouse, wanted an RFP process that was so efficient, every vendor would want to work with them. The solution was RFP365.

Check out their full case study here. (If you're looking for a Vendor case study, find out how Actiance is writing proposals 5x faster with RFP365 here.) 


The ihouse story 

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Read the case study

Who is ihouse?

In their own words ""ihouse is a consulting firm specializing in HRIS Analysis & System Selection, Project Management, and Systems Consulting."

Industry: Consulting, HRIS and Benefits Technology 

Challenge: ihouse needed something more dynamic than Excel spreadsheets for evaluating and tracking vendors. They wanted to upgrade from tedious, traditional RFPs to something more collaborative, that would be easier for their vendors to engage with. 

RFP365 Results: enhanced offering, increased competitive advantage. 

ihouse Page two.pngRead the case study

Our favorite part of ihouse's success is that they wisely realized their RFP solution had to benefit both them and their responding vendors, they found a true partnership building solution.

Because while it's easy to think we're successful simply by our own efforts, honestly, that's rarely the case.   



If ihouse's success story makes you a little envious, and if you're also tired of spending countless hours and weekends manually computing scoresheets and fixing Excel formulas, learn more about our solution here, or contact us

We work with everyone from brokers and consultants, to government municipalities and movie theater chains. 

So no matter what industry you're in, or side of the table you're on, whether you're a Purchaser or a Vendor, we can help help make your part in the RFP process easier. 

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