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Our recent presentation at One Million Cups (affectionately known as "entrepreneurship church" here in KC) got us reminiscing about the early days of our story and our initial RFP365 pitch to the community back in 2012. 

We are so grateful for all the innovative and wise people that gave us constructive feedback, advice, and encouragement, that got us where we are today. Thank you for caring about us, and empowering us, and celebrating our success with us. 

We remain proud to be made in KC. 

Re-imagining RFPs | 1 Million Cups KC Founders Dave & Stuart hashing out business plan details during a motorcycle tour of Vietnam

October 31, 2012
Kansas City, Missouri
1 Million Cups KC (1MC) 

Below is a video of our presentation at 1 Million Cups, Kansas City's forum for new business ventures. 

Check out our brief platform overview, a peek at the competitive landscape, and our launch schedule.

Stay tuned for our new and improved website and simplified pricing coming out in December, corresponding with our product launch (December 10th 2012).

Thank you everyone for listening, for the questions, and for the follow-up!  

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 **Feature Image Credit: 1 Million Cups KC