Stuart Ludlow leads KC Roundtable

12/7/12 4:18 PM David Hulsen Our Story

RFP365 co-founder Stuart Ludlow was asked to facilitate this week’s session of KC Roundtable. As a networking group for young entrepreneurs in Kansas City, KC Roundtable routinely invites successful local entrepreneurs to tell their war stories and provide practical advice based on their experiences. 

Selected for his expertise in engineering and technology, Stuart led a panel of three area entrepreneurs with rich track records in the tech industry: Joe Tierney (Umzuzu), Todd Smith (Engage Mobile), and John Thomson (Saepio). 

The discussion that followed largely revolved around doing business in Kansas City: the pros and cons of starting up in the Midwest; the importance of flexibility in an ever-shifting marketplace; attracting investors and financing; and the humility required of business owners to recognize weak spots and make adjustments accordingly. 

For the battle stories and advice, get the full story on KC Roundtable’s blog


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