What Employers Need to Know About RFPs: 3 Lessons From Zenefits



The Zenefits conversation reached boiling point this week with the official resignation of (former) CEO & cofounder Parker Conrad due to scandalous allegations. 

Yet despite the controversial shakeup, Zenefits is still making more than a few Brokers nervous and consultants are predicting positive ramifications for the change of leadership and future of the company. 

We had the honor of sharing our two cents on the situation in a guest post for Employee Benefit News explaining why Zenefits is still getting some crucial things right, including their big benefits model shifts. How they're changing the game, what their model means for the next phase of Benefits Administration, and how employers and consultants can apply these lessons to their vendor selection process. 


"In this new model, the technology is the platform, around which the broker/consultant adds value." 


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