Introducing Client Discovery

RFP365 has redesigned RFP software to benefit everyone - including your clients. 

Historically, RFP365 has offered

  • RFPs that are created with a library of templates that let you easily reuse questions and work with your team in one version, track vendor progress and divvy up evaluation tasks 
  • Profiles that allow you to create a digital profile of your vendor community, so you can review and shortlist faster.

Today, with Client Discovery, you can also store client-submitted discovery information in RFP365’s dynamic, searchable database, simplifying the process of creating follow-on RFPs. 

Client permitting, vendors can also access intel from discoveries within the RFP365-generated RFP. 

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Empower greater collaboration 


Develop and reuse templates for discovery.
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Enable Vendors

Enhance RFPs by linking to discovery data.
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Add Value

Ensure easy access to historical responses.
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Features that make your RFP responses easier

Capture Client Needs
Capture Client Needs

Drive informed decisions

You have one goal: Ensure the vendors you bring your clients are the best fit possible. Vendors have to meet your client's needs or your clients won't feel satisfied.


Work within your client's discovery document, along with them. Let them bring in as many stakeholders as they need.


With permission, message the needs noted in the client discovery with vendors in the context of the RFP. 

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Continued Focus on Innovation

Client Discovery is the latest example of our commitment to provide our customers with the most innovative RFP technology possible. It empowers consultants to streamline their clients’ needs by storing relevant client information in a format that’s easy to consume, tabulate and share.
Stuart Ludlow
Technical Lead and Co-Founder
Manage RFP Responses
Manage RFP Responses
02 RFP Issue - Gather

Gather responses

Engage vendors, track progress and manage communication directly. Customize response types so get the exact information you're looking for so you can easily score responses online, side-by-side.

Engage vendors

Invite respondents and track their progress. Communicate in the context of the RFP or RFI. 

Empower equality 

Get the best results from your vendors by giving them tools to craft effective responses quickly. 

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Easy to Use

RFP365 has brought tremendous value to this organization above just process efficiencies. Now we have a timeline of vendor activity, plus the status of completion. RFP365 has also eliminated the need for excel evaluation spreadsheets and binders, tracking email correspondence, and improved the issuing of addendums. It's also improved supplier relationships. 
Cedric Rowan
Manager of Procurement Services
Leverage Vendor Profiles
Leverage Vendor Profiles
05 RFP Issue - Shortlist

Stay Informed

Vendor Profiles are key to vendor management. You can query responses anytime. Don't use old data to make key decisions.

Maintain intelligence 

Keep abreast of the changing marketplace by letting your vendors tell you when their capabilities change. 

Short-list vendors

Compare related vendors side-by-side. With updated capabilities, your subsequent RFPs can be short and targeted. 

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Data in Real Time

I also have more confidence in our information now. Not having to manually compute Excel matrices not only saves a lot of time, but it also means more data integrity. Before it was so hard to keep vendor information up-to-date, using spreadsheets and legacy software. But now we can see our vendors activity and data in real time As a result, our client deliverable is much stronger.
Brad Mandacina
Director, HR Technology & Outsourcing

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