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No matter how you receive an RFP, whether it's through RFP365 or not, you can leverage it to find and reuse past content with the click of a button, while working collaboratively online.

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Why our clients love RFP365

Knowledge Base

Easily tag and recall past responses for any RFX project, RFPs, or RFIs.
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Leverage RFP365's auto answer tool to bulk answer questions.
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Work collaboratively with your team, regardless of their physical location. 
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Benefits By Role 

Features that make your RFP responses easier

Easily Upload Any RFP

Easily Upload Any RFP

You receive RFPs in all kinds formats. That's why we make it easy to upload any type of RFP.

Upload Microsoft Word & Excel

Quickly map and upload your Word or Excel file format RFP.

Upload PDFs

Uploading PDFs is no problem either.

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01 RFP Respond - Upload

Easy to use

Having the ability to upload RFP questions from Excel, PDF, or Word documents is fantastic! Utilizing a style template from a Word doc is lightning fast, and it all exports correctly. RFP365 was far easier, more intuitive, and helpful than the other RFP software I'd used.

Brandon Fyffe
CareHere Business Development Associate
Assign & Manage Tasks

Assign & Manage Tasks

When you're working on an RFP response you have to know who is working on what, and how much has been done. RFP365 makes it easy with real-time visibility.

Track Tasks

Assign each section or question to your writers & approvers. Maintain accountability for every response.

Monitor progress

Check progress through simple graphs. Leverage email notifications and reminders to keep your team focused and moving forward.

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02 RFP Respond - Track

Easy to Use

We’re getting more out of RFP365 than we anticipated. We decided that if all we got out of RFP365 was effective knowledge management it would be worth it. But the task reminders, progress status tracking with all the nice graphs, the ability for SMEs to communicate and adjust without the Proposal Manager in, have all been great added benefits we didn’t expect.

Jillian Diehl
Mitratech Proposal Writer
Work Together In One Version

Work Together In One Version

Bring your global team together to work in one version that updates in real-time.


Every writer works from the same version. Bring in as many writers and approvers as you need. You can even see when responses were updated by whom.


Message with team members in context. Ask questions and message colleagues directly within the RFP.

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03 RFP Respond - Collaborate

Easy to Use

Our absolute favorite thing is we’re no longer getting 100 emails for each RFP. We're not spending hours hunting down previous answers and trying to figure out who is doing what. Because all the questions and answers are right there in RFP365.

Beverly Blakely Jones
Cengage Learning Supervisor
Search & Reuse Past Responses

Search & Reuse Past Responses

Search, select, edit. If you’re spending more than a few seconds looking for content, you’re not working as productively as you could be.

Search knowledge

Instantly search your Knowledge Base. Our search engine enables you to find and reuse relevant past responses.

Target content

Start with a standard response, then modify for your client's situation.

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04 RFP Respond - Search

Easy to Use

Answering questions in RFP365 is an absolute DREAM. It’s clean and easy to use with minimal clicks. It actually makes completing RFP’s fun! Implementation was unbelievably easy. Projects that used to take 100 hours, now take less than 20.

Lynne Jennings
Actiance Corporate Sales Engineer
Keep Content Up-to-date

Keep Content Up-to-date

Outdated information can open you up to risk, and keep you from winning deals. We'll help you keep your content fresh.

Filter and flag for review

Quickly filter for content that hasn't been reviewed in a while, and "flag" for review.

Set review cycles

You can also assign content owners and set up ongoing review cycles.

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05 RFP Respond - Manage

Easy to Use

Once I had the opportunity to demo the product, I never looked back. RFP365 is one the most responsive vendors I've ever worked with. The service is as great as it could possibly be... it's the best tool on the market. 

Scott McGrath
Rave Mobile Safety Public Safety Solutions Architect

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