Pricing Plans for DDQs

Simple pricing, no surprises 

From bundled options that accommodate 100, 200 and 350 DDQs per year to custom subscription plans – we’re here to support your team’s unique needs.


$5,000 / year

  • Unlimited Users
  • Up to 100 DDQs / year
  • Unlimited Knowledge
  • Revision History
  • Full Encryption


$8,500 / year

  • Unlimited Users
  • Up to 200 DDQs / year
  • Unlimited Knowledge
  • Proposal Metrics
  • Revision History
  • Account Hierarchy
  • Full Encryption


$14,500 / year

  • Unlimited Users
  • Up to 350 DDQs / year
  • Unlimited Knowledge
  • Proposal Metrics
  • Revision History
  • Account Hierarchy
  • Full Encryption
  • SAML 2.0 Single Sign-on
  • Salesforce Integration

Need custom pricing? Let's talk! 
If someone were on the fence, trying to decide whether to go with RFP365 or another software, my advice to them would be to absolutely go with RFP365. They're the RFP management platform industry leader. Best in task management. Best in knowledge management. Best in cross-department usability. It's everything.
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Frequently Asked Questions



Is there a free trial?
Yes, after we talk, your can open a fully functional trial account for 2 weeks. All features are on. You'll have the ability to create 2 Proposals (respond to 2 RFPs/DDQs), add team members and create content in the Knowlege Base. If you become a client, your work will be saved when we activate your account. So don't worry about wasted effort. The most important thing is building your Knowledge Base. 


What if I need to issue RFPs to vendors?
You can do that. Check out our solution info on Issuing RFPs to vendors. Contact us for pricing plans. 


What do you mean by a User?
A user is any member of your team. You can set the permission level for each person. But a user might be a Writer, and Approver, or a Knowledge Reviewer. There are many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to proposal-writing, so feel free to bring them into the system and engage them in a streamlined manner. 


What counts as a Proposal?
A Proposal is your response to an incoming RFP, RFI, or other type of questionnaire. When you click on the button to start a new Proposal, the system just makes sure you have at least 1 proposal credit. When you sign up for a plan, you get a certain number of proposal credits for use during your subscription. Note: Proposal credits are not refundable, so select the plan that best fits your need. You can always buy extra proposal credits, typically $100 each. 


How much content can I store in the Knowledge Base?
You can store as much content in the Knowledge Base as you'd like. Each record is a question/answer pair, and they can contain formatted text, attachments, images, URL links, etc. 


What are Proposal Analytics? 
Proposal Analytics are reports that show you how much time people on your team were engaged on different Proposals. Obviously there is time spent outside of the system, but we try to give some idea of the writing effort that goes into your Proposals. 


What is the Revision History?
We show you previous drafts of each response. You can see who made what changes and when. You can event revert back to an older draft if necessary. 


What is an Account Hierarchy?
If you have a big team with multiple departments or silos, you can partition them into sub-accounts. This helps you keep one group out of another group's area. All the while, you can still have parent-level users who can interact with any of the child accounts.


Is my data safe?
Yes. We encrypt your questions and answers and even your attachments. Security is a big deal and you can read more here