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Requests for Proposal are a necessary evil. For good reason, many people dread them, because whether you're a purchaser or a supplier, each part of the RFx process presents a set of fresh challenges.

To make them easier, here are some practical resources to help you tackle your next project. 



The History of the RFP [Context]
What is the history of the RFP process? And how do we reinvent the next phase?

How Moving the RFP Process to the Cloud Streamlines B2B Procurement [Article]
Why have so many B2B firms remained mired in the clunky, three-ring-binder montony of traditional RFP process? Why it's time for RFPs to join other B2B processes in automating and moving to the cloud. (B2B News Network article). 

What Does the Future of Procurement Look Like? [Article]
The effects of consumer online purchasing tendencies on the b2b vendor selection process, and how procurement will have to innovate to catch up. (Published via Procurement Leaders.) 

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How to Write a Killer RFP [Podcast] 
How to build and issue an RFP that brings real value to the procurement process - for both Buyer's and Sellers. (Hosted by Art of Procurement.)

RFI vs. RFP [Infographic]
How do you know when to issue a Request for Proposal vs. a Request for Information? Find out the difference between a RFI and a RFP, and when to use each. 

RFP Weighted Scoring Demystified [Blog]
An overview of how precise RFP weighted scoring works, the main steps involved, and how to optimize your vendor selection process.

How to Master Your RFP Process and the Find the Perfect Benefits Administration Partner [Webinar]
Write a better Benefits Administration RFP using expert advice on the most effective questions to ask, and practicals on vetting potential partners. (Sponsored by Businessolver and hosted by Employee Benefits Advisor.)

5 Questions to ask Before Issuing a Benefits RFP [Slideshow]
Issuing RFPs may not be fun, but it's inevitable. So here are the 5 questions to ask before you send one, to make sure your hard work pays off. (Published via Employee Benefit News). 
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Back to Basics: Proposal Formats and Templates [Blog]
Secrets of writing and formatting your RFP proposal for the win. Best practices on each section, and free proposal templates to keep things easy.

Why You Weren’t Selected: Benefits Consultant Pet Peeves [Blog]
The do's and don'ts of vendor selection: what drives every benefits consultant crazy, and how vendors can set themselves up for selection.

RFP Requirements: How to Crack the Code [Blog]
Deciphering Request for Proposal requirements can be difficult. Here's how to make cracking the code a bit easier. 

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Do’s & Don’ts of Vendor Selection [Blog]
The Lockton Companies HR Technology and Outsourcing team give Do’s & Don’ts of the vendor selection process, so you can start your next search relaxed & prepared.

Secrets of Supplier Relationship Management [Blog]
Procurement Pro Philip Ideson of The Art of Procurement shares big supplier management insights, including top 5 vendor management best practices. 

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RFP Software Overview for Vendors [eBook]
What is proposal management software? How do you know if you even need it? If you do need it, then what? Find out with our free ebook.

RFP Software Overview for Buyers [eBook]
Exclusive eBook explains 3 new ways RFP software makes it easy for Brokers & Consultants to compare, select, and manage vendor relationships.


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