RFP365 Proposal Software Tour

"Our proposals are scattered and we can't find what we need."

"Version control is a nightmare."

"We're reinventing the wheel with each RFP."

That's what we hear from the frustrated teams that come to us. Like them, you may be writing proposals under tight deadlines and need a better way to manage the process so you can focus on creating quality responses. 

When a new RFP comes through your door, does your team spend hours:

  • Searching for past answers?
  • Cutting & pasting from previous response documents
  • Dividing up tasks and sections into a string of endless emails?

If this is all too familiar, see how RFP365's proposal software makes life easier.

Benefits by Role

  • Real-time visibility. Managers can check proposal completion progress anytime, any place. No meetings needed.

  • No more babysitting. Task status visibility creates instant accountability. Meaning you can see who has done what, when, and what still needs to be done. Easily share your reports with your whole team.

  • Keep knowledge sacred. Our centralized Knowledge Base means all your hard work is in one version, in one place; minimizing the risk of work being lost, outdated, or unavailable when you need it most.

  • Instant answers. The top-notch search engine filters data, ranking your content results according to relevance and tailored categories. So you can find exactly what you're looking for, instantly. 

  • Analytics. Determine what's working for your team, by tracking proposal productivity, including hours spent writing content, and time saved reusing that content. See stats on overall proposals as well as individual writers (examples of how our team uses it here).

Solid solution. Our global team loves RFP365... it's 1,000% faster than checking in/out files from a server. We're able to collaborate and the quality of our responses is growing. The Knowledge Base is outstanding.


Elizabeth Skinner

Quantros, Inc.

Senior Director, Sales Operations

  • Cut to the chase. Powerful search engine helps you find past responses in your custom Knowledge Base. No detective work, no waiting on SMEs to reply. Simply select and use the answers you need.

  • Track progress. Easily assign writers to their sections and questions, check their individual progress anytime.

  • Quality control. Get the right eyes on every question by assigning each question to a specific approver. Once they give the thumbs up, it’s good to go. 

  • One team, one place. Tired of email tangents? Bring all your writers together in a single-version, centralized proposal. Stay in context and discuss questions directly within the proposal itself.

  • Reuse your best work. The Knowledge Base condenses all your responses, automatically growing with new approved content; and results are always ranked by date and relevance, so you can find the best, first. 

We’re very happy with RFP365. It saves us a ton of time, and has use beyond proposal creation, it allows our departments to work more closely with one another. Without their RFP software we wouldn’t be able to respond to our RFPs anywhere near as quickly as we can now.


Ross Menia

The Marlin Company

Marketing Assistant

  • Focus. We protect you from constant harassment by capturing your responses and making them available to your team anytime (no more proposal coordinators hovering in the doorway). 

  • Say it once. Don’t answer the same question more than once. We’ll get it the first time, so you can focus on writing unique, impactful responses.

  • Work with your team. Stop writing in a silo. See exactly what other contributors are working on, easily collaborate or ask questions. 

  • Set an alarm. Set review dates on your content. As the owner, you’ll be prompted when you need to make updates. Learn more. 

We looked at PMAPS, Qvidian, and Xait, and we found RFP365 had the best balance of functionality and price for our needs.



Tech Company

Core Features

  • Context. Leverage content and expertise by working together in one version, in one place. Have discussions directly within the proposal, stay in-context.
  • Visibility. Multiple writers can be working at the same time, and the entire team can see what everyone is writing. 

  • Save & reuse. Automatically save approved content to your Knowledge Base so it’s ready for next time. Move forward in step.

Of all the online proposal sites I’ve used, this is the best by far. Easy to navigate, and great to see you added in formatting opportunities for bullets, underline, bold, etc. I would recommend this to anyone!


Matthew Buffalini

Optio Solutions

National Sales Manager

  • Instant answers. Avoid "hurrying up and waiting" for SME responses. Instead, store their responses into your searchable Knowledge Base, and get answers on demand. 

  • Put your work to work. Stop writing the same responses over and over, instead reuse and edit past content with a couple of clicks. Less broken record, more writing for the win. 

  • Ask an expert. Dialogue with any stakeholder even if they're not users in the system. With our Ask-an-Expert feature, you can send a message to any expert's email inbox without once having to leave the system.

After comparing various RFx response programs, it was clear RFP365 was the best fit for our needs and budget. Uploading content into our "Knowledge Base" was easy, and finding past responses was a breeze. Having an RFx software program was not in our budget this year, but deciding to partner with RFP365 was a no-brainer.


Jim Linker

Venture Solutions

Marketing and Sales Support Coordinator

  • Effortless project management. Get real-time completion status on any task, anytime. See who has been assigned to write and approve each response. We handle writing notifications and due date reminders, all you have to do is set the deadlines.

  • Task reminders. Writers and approvers are notified and reminded via email when they have tasks. They simply click the link in the email which brings them into RFP365, so they can immediately get to work. 

Using RFP365 has really helped us in our partnership with IBM. The system enables us to turn proposals around very quickly, which builds confidence in our ability to deliver. So from a partnership perspective, RFP365 has been absolutely critical.


Lynne Jennings


Corporate Sales Engineer

RFP365 Pricing Plans

RFP365 pricing plans are designed to fit a variety of team sizes and proposal needs. 

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One team, one goal, one conversation.
No more silos. 



Cloud-based platform gives you 24/7 access and project status visibility.



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