Whatever your RFX -- RFIs, RFPs, etc. we help you create templates so you can easily reuse questions.
  • RFP365 allows you to search your custom Library to help you find and reuse similar questions 
  • You can segment and tag your questions / templates by industry, project, location, etc. 
  • Plus, you can work with your team in one version to divvy up evaluation tasks, and track vendor progress
Simply put, whatever type of questions you're sending out, we'll make it easier to gather and evaluate vendors' responses.

No More Broken Excel

"We chose RFP365 because it was the only platform that benefited everyone involved in the process: consultants, clients, and vendors. What’s been most helpful about using RFP365 is the automated scoring. Before, when using an Excel template, we would have to go through each category to ensure there were no errors from all the copy and pasting; the Excel formulas would often break in the process, it took a lot of time to reconcile. RFP365 is much faster."
Ronni Beckwith
ihouse Principal, HR Technology Consulting Practice Leader
You can also use RFP365 to securely send out and evaluate security questionnaires like DDQs. You can: 
  • Create custom Excel-free questionnaires (including drop down menus)
  • Track real time vendor completion progress 
  • Tabulate scores automatically 
  • Store and organize all your vendors' information and documents 
  • Track vendors' responses over time -- clear history of all interactions

Because you should be focusing on making the right selections -- not trying to hunt down the right documents. 

Track Status Anytime

"RFP365 has brought tremendous value to this organization above just process efficiencies. This tool also enhances our supplier relationships. It allows us to view recent activity and completion status anytime. It’s eliminated the need for Excel evaluations and tracking emails between internal and external users. "
Cedric Rowan
Manager of Procurement Services At City Of Kansas City

RFP365 allows you to create digital vendor profiles so your information is always up-to-date. We help you: 

  • Build dynamic profiles so you can filter and shortlist faster 
  • Centralize all of your vendors' information into a single source of truth
  • Vendors can update their evergreen profiles anytime they want 
  • Segment and tag your vendors by location, industry, or project 

You have endless options. We'll help you make sense of them and find your best fit, faster. 

Shortlisting Faster

"We have all our core vendors fill out a general RFP/RFI in advance of our projects and store their information in RFP365. Then we send out a few targeted questions that are specific to that group. It makes it much easier for them to respond, and it makes scoring much simpler for us. Now we can categorize, search, and profile providers. We're shortlisting faster."
Mark Rieder
SVP, HR Technologies and Benefits Administration at NFP

If you have any questions about the ways you can use RFP365 to send out questions and evaluate vendors' responses, we'd love to talk. We'll chat about your needs and if it makes sense, schedule a demo, so you can see
RFP365 in action for yourself.  

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