Customer Support

Customer Support is a top priority and we are here to help. From providing a reliable system to responsive, live customer service, we can help you get your job done quickly. 

Live Support

We are available via phone and email throughout the normal business day (US Central time). Users can find self service options through our Help Section, and our live support staff responds quickly to incoming requests. 

Click here to access our comprehensive Help library. You can open a new ticket and browse through online help. 

We get great marks for our responsive and timely live help (data provided through UserVoice).

Support Performance - November.png

To be as transparent as possible, our slow delay in some requests was only due to them being outside of our normal business hours. Below you can see the frequency of requests. The few outliers (outside of normal hours) are indicated. So you should feel confident that you'll get support as quickly as humanly possible.