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RFP365 helps Brokers & Consultants manage all aspects of RFP Issuing and RFP Responding. RFP365 delivers a platform that benefits everyone in the industry: Consultants, Vendors, Clients.



Communicate seamlessly
with your team, clients & vendors



Equip vendors with tools they need to respond effectively & efficiently


Add Value

Ensure clients receive the best responses and instill confidence


With over 500 vendors responding to RFPs in RFP365, you can engage solution providers in dozens of categories, from Health, HR, Voluntary, Wellness, Pharmacy, Benefits Administration, Payroll, Retirement and more. 


We built a platform that vendors love to work in, which means value-added intelligence for your clients. 

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Client Retention

Vendor Selection & Carrier Marketing starts with gathering critical requirements. RFP365 helps you with Client Discovery, Vendor Profiles and RFPs to gather proposals and evaluate vendors. 

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Client Growth

Responding to Broker RFPs is time-consuming, but critical to new client growth. Leverage past responses faster and collaborate with your team to create tailored responses that win. 

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Author RFP

Bring multiple stakeholders together in the same version. Use content from your library.


Invite specific vendors or post a public link so interested parties can find your RFP.


Vendors bring multiple team members together in the same version. Prepare your proposal quickly and effectively.

Search Responses

Leverage past responses with a click. Keep RFP responses updated and accessible.

Manage Tasks

Track proposal status in real time. Assign writing and approving tasks with due dates and notifications.

Export and Archive

Export into Word/Excel for your archival purposes. Your responses and entire proposals are stored for later use.

Submit Proposals

For RFPs created in our system, submit completed proposals with a click. For external RFPs, export and submit.

Collect Proposals

Gather your vendor responses automatically. You can message with your vendors during their responding period.

Score Responses

Engage your evaluation team, where they can score and make notes, directly in the proposals.

Select Vendor

Support your decisions confidently. View vendor comparisons, scoring summaries, and export all of the detail for presentations.

Vendor Intelligence

Support your clients and stakeholders effectively by gathering vendor and carrier responses quickly. Compare capabilities, pricing and view facts side-by-side to make informed decisions. 

Work Together

Consulting teams and clients can work together to easily evaluate responses. Add value by shortening timelines and reducing administrative tasks. 

Support Decisions

Set the criteria for evaluation and engage your scorers. Present decision-makers with summary and detailed reports. 

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Before it was so hard to keep vendor information up-to-date, using spreadsheets and legacy software. But now we can see our vendors activity and data in real time. As a result, our client deliverable is much stronger.


Eric Hollenbach

Lockton Companies

Consultant & Project Analyst

New Client Growth

Respond efficiently to Employee Benefits Broker RFPs with an intelligent Knowledge Base. Collaborate, reuse and share content across Offices and Practice Areas. Tell your story more consistently and differentiate yourself. 

Build Practice Area Hierarchies

Structure parent and sub-accounts hierarchy to share content across offices.  Partition across offices for enhanced control and reporting.

Leverage Past Responses

Instantly search your Knowledge Base to answer commonly asked questions. Spend more time crafting client specific responses that add value to your proposal.

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We implemented RFP365 a little over a year ago and are hoping it becomes the standard for all brokers to issue RFPs to vendors. It provides all parties within the RFP process a productive, seamless experience that significantly reduces the amount of time spent on an RFP...Our productivity has continued to increase in excess of 90%. We’re getting more work done, with less effort.


Whitney Russell


RFP Quarterback / Proposal Coordinator

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