Looking for Vendors

Issuing RFPs

Compare vendor capabilities side-by-side.
Find the right fit with speed and confidence. 

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Bidding on RFPs

Respond to RFPs

Leverage past responses with a click.
Engage team members and work in parallel.

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Reinventing the RFP process

support for both sides of the table

Selecting vendors

Vendor management starts with gathering critical information. RFP365 helps you construct your RFP/RFI, gather proposals, and evaluate vendor capabilities. 

RFP Issuing

Responding to RFPs

Responding to RFPs is time-consuming, but critical. Create your proposals more quickly by leveraging past responses and collaborating efficiently with your team. 

RFP Responding

Author RFP

Bring multiple stakeholders together in the same version. Use content from your library.


Invite specific vendors or post a public link so interested parties can find your RFP.


Vendors bring multiple team members together in the same version. Prepare your proposal quickly and effectively.

Search Responses

Leverage past responses with a click. Keep RFP responses updated and accessible.

Manage Tasks

Track proposal status in real time. Assign writing and approving tasks with due dates and notifications.

Export and Archive

Export into Word/Excel for your archival purposes. Your responses and entire proposals are stored for later use.

Submit Proposals

For RFPs created in our system, submit completed proposals with a click. For external RFPs, export and submit.

Collect Proposals

Gather your vendor responses automatically. You can message with your vendors during their responding period.

Score Responses

Engage your evaluation team, where they can score and make notes, directly in the proposals.

Select Vendor

Support your decisions confidently. View vendor comparisons, scoring summaries, and export all of the detail for presentations.

Support for the entire RFP process



One team, one goal, one conversation.
No more silos.



Cloud-based platform gives you 24/7 access and project status visibility.



Securely transmit and store your critical information.

RFP Issuers

Support your clients and internal stakeholders effectively by gathering vendor responses quickly. Compare capabilities and view the facts side-by-side to make informed decisions. 

Work together

Your entire team can work together, evaluate responses in-line, and work through the entire process centrally.

Support decisions

Set the criteria for evaluation and engage your scorers. Present decision-makers with summary and detailed reports. 

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RFP Responders

Respond to RFPs quickly and effectively by managing tasks and content centrally. Stop focusing on the process and spend your time on compelling content. Tell your story. 

Track tasks and progress

Assign each section or question to your writers and approvers. Maintain accountability of every response. We even track draft history.

Leverage past responses

Instantly search your Knowledge Base. Our search engine enables you to find and reuse relevant past responses instantly.

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I would hope to have any RFP by these guys [RFP365], because it's just too complicated a process — I feel that way from the government standpoint … [the process] needs to be faster. [Kansas City Business Journal]


Penny Pritzker

US Department of Commerce

38th US Secretary of Commerce

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